Muslims accuse politicians of bringing coronavirus upon humanity


By Brave Dickson

Muslims under the leadership of their Vice President-General, Rivers State Council for Islamic Affairs, Alhaji Nasir Awhelebe Uhor has accused politicians over the existence of COVID-19.

The leader of the Muslim community in the state told our correspondent that disobedience to Allah by the ruling political class was responsible for the coronavirus plague upon humanity.

He said the existence of any plague such as COVID-19 is a sign of Allah’s wrath which the ruling class had incurred upon the people.

Alhaji Uhor also accused those in the power of not following the instructions of Allah, else COVID-19 wouldn’t have spread beyond the community in China it originated from.

“Our leaders (politicians) can not continue to disobey Allah and expect society to be free of diseases.

“By that act of disobedience, they have unlocked the door for plague or diseases to come in.

“Also, if our leaders had obeyed Allah who said whenever there is a disease, nobody should travel in and out of the community where such disease had originated from till the plague is over, the coronavirus wouldn’t have spread beyond China,” he added.