Some of the numerous lies you’ll hear while house hunting


Florence Uwaeme

House hunting is as scary as moving to a new school as a teenager. Be it in the same area or in an entirely different state. You are not sure of what to expect at the end of the day. And thanks to the house agents who ensure you get same treatment no matter what part of the country you’re hunting in.

These house agents are notorious for confusing clients into making choices that they’ll likely regret until they’re ready to move out of the apartment. The way they sweet-talk their clients into taking hasty decisions they ordinarily wouldn’t dare is awe inspiring.

If you’ve ever house hunted in any part of Nigeria, you definitely must have heard any of these lies told by these house agents.

1. It’s Close To The Main Road

Most times when you hear this, there is 90% chance that the said house is not in any way close to any main road at all. Believing your agent will be at your own risk. Most times they say the house is about 5 minutes drive from the main road. This 5 minutes ends up being 50 minutes or even more.

2. This Area Doesn’t Flood

Here in Port Harcourt, the best time to house hunt is during rainy season. If you make the mistake of house hunting during dry season, be sure to be sold the above lie. Maybe, after the first and second rain of the year and everywhere is flooded, then you’ll know better.

3. I Have Other People That Are Ready To Pay

If you truly do have people who are willing to pay, why bother showing me the apartment? You won’t be surprised that after two months, that same apartment will still be vacant.

4. The Light In This Area Is 24/7

Story. As if it is not Nigeria again! There is no where in Nigeria where that is possible. Except maybe in Asọ Rock.

5. It Will Be Fixed Once You Pay

When you hear this one, just run. They don’t get to fix it until your rent expires if you eventually take the apartment. Once your money enters their hand, it becomes a forgotten case.

6. There Is Always Water The Borehole Is Having Small Issue

That is not the case ooo. That borehole may have been that way for the last three or four years and they have no intention of fixing it.