Expert calls on government to monitor activities of private security guards

By Brave Dickson

The proliferation of quack private security guards in Rivers State and country is now a source of concern to some investors in the sector.

The Chief Executive Officer, Sokari Security Service Limited, Hon. Sokari Goodboy told our correspondent that despite the numerous challenges confronting private security guard business, the spate of quackery is alarming.

The private security guard expert said it is time for government at all levels to start monitoring the activities of the sector.

He said: “Government needs to step up and accredit those who are in the private security guard business and monitor the operation of security companies.

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“But only what government has been doing which shouldn’t be so is the huge financial charges on us.

Though we are attached to the conventional security agencies like the NSCDC, they don’t inspect our activities except where there are complaints before they will swing into action.

“So, the government should have a system of monitoring our activities and there should be laws specifically meant to protect our personnel

“Private security firms are faced with numerous security challenges,

“Civilians hardly obey security guards because they are not bearing arms and can not apply minimum security force like the police and other security agencies.

“The second challenge has to do with our personal security. Most of us are attached to financial institutions like banks, treasury bill and other areas. And when we are securing these areas, we are being exposed to aggression from other criminal elements.

“Another challenge we are facing is quackery. There are those who are in this private security guard business who don’t have the necessary skills. And most of the security firms don’t train their staff.

“How to make money is another aspect of the challenge. Most of our clients patronize quacks so as to give them peanuts.”

He further maintained that the services of private security guards are essential as conventional security personnel cannot do it alone, adding that their services are also helping to provide employment for the citizenry.