Finding justice…the long winding road

Travis Kwentua

After the crash of the Atiku Presidential campaign along the airstrip of the perfidy of the supreme clowns, the Political Malfeasance and the numbing of Democracy reached an all-time high. The excruciating pain and the emotional reality of the teeming fans and family at the arrival lounge and their Conspicuous Banners “ATIKU is Coming” was quite epic and underscored how dire the flight and its occupant were an embodiment of hope and opportunity.

Okay, the entire crowd watched in disbelief the unfolding reality of the castration of hope before their very eyes.

The smoking pieces of the crash was strewn across the headlines of Newspapers and primetime television. This was epic! Reality TV was never stunning as I scanned through the faces of each and everyone that watched the crash and burn saga live!

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But the black box has been found and what has been uncovered from the ruins of the wreckage are startling! But not surprising. You won’t be off the mark by a shave of paint if you guessed, GMG in Dubai were involved, soon to be leaked videos of the supreme clowns swearing to take their filthy secrets to the grave is the most shocking aspect. These clowns dismissed without flinching an opportunity between honour and duty and the travesty of justice, their choice you already know.

The most intriguing part of the chicanery was the verdict script handed and read to them by the spin doctor in chief of the All Pinocchio congress. One of the Clowns from the East suggested at least a single dissent voice but was hounded down that they don’t want any iota of the shadow of a doubt to be seen caste on the issue or heard when the verdict is read.

The actors were actually the facilitators of the verdict as they mentioned that the clowns’ travel itinerary maybe investigated so they were to use their selected men and not take any chances.

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This is shameful and a brutal attestation to the failure of our system to offer justice.
I pray as this bombshell is about to be released that the nation will look beyond it and move on to a better way of doing things.

I am afraid a slew of denials will follow as #Fakenews and orchestrated to bring down a legitimately elected government but is this how we play? When it comes to scandal and justice we are on a long winding path that more often than not never sees that the truth is told and justice is upheld. Ganduje videos were meant to stop high crimes but what do we have? Nada.

Atiku perhaps will never come! Like some will pray he doesn’t but we have just raised the stakes to play bloody, nasty and even engage mercenaries to battle the security agencies that now help perpetuate election fraud and intimidation.

Na wao!