MOSOP raises alarm over secret plots to resume oil exploration in Ogoniland


The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) says there are some secret plans by some individuals and government paid chiefs with the sponsorship of an oil firm desperate for Ogoni oil to cause further division in MOSOP/Ogoni with the hope of forcing oil production in the area without our consent.

Fegalo Nsuke, MOSOP’s factional president in a statement on Wednesday alleged that the plans and devices of the unnamed group will become known in a matter of days should they push forward their dubious intentions.

There have been series of uproars in Ogoniland since the Rivers State Government announced the acquisition of Shell’s 45 percent stake in the controversial OML 11.

Leaders in the oil-rich Ogoniland said they were not consulted by the state, adding that Ogoni oil is not for sale.

Nsuke in his statement said: “MOSOP wishes to assure all Ogonis that its leadership remain committed to a peaceful resolution of the Ogoni problem and to the actualization of our demands for self determination for the Ogoni people amongst others.

” MOSOP will not be deterred by the action of corrupt and fraudulent individuals whose greed and shortsightedness will not let them see beyond their stomach.

” We urge all Ogonis to be committed to defending our very costly struggle for a future and the survival of our people, a cause to which our fore-bearers including our beloved Ken committed their very lives.”