Boko Haram terrorists kill 11 Nigerian soldiers in fresh attack


Nigerian military personnel battling the dreaded Boko Haram insurgency in the North Eastern part of the country have suffered another round of casualties in their quest to quell the insurgency.

PREMIUM TIMES reports that 11 soldiers were during at attack by the insurgents on October 3 while about 14 sustained injuries.

The attack was an ambush on a military convoy in Borno State.

Thirty-four brave troops of 154 Task Force Battalion, including two officers, were on a patrol of Mauli-Borgozo area of battle when Boko Haram fighters unleashed terror on their convoy, killing 11 and wounding 14.

The battle began at about 11:25 a.m., but it was unclear how long it lasted before the terrorists disappeared. Two soldiers were declared missing in action as part of the attack, military sources said under anonymity.

The injured, including an officer, have all been evacuated to the Nigerian Army medical centre in Maiduguri. They were administered first at the Benisheik Super Camp in Borno.

The terrorists stole eleven AK-47 rifles from the soldiers they killed. They also made away with an anti-aircraft gun truck.

A gun truck and a military lorry used in conveying officers and equipment were damaged by the insurgents.

Locals said at least 15 civilians were killed in the attack, it was unclear if any of them belonged to Boko Haram. A spokesperson for the Nigerian Army did not return requests for comments.