The Goodness That Is Garri Cereal, Different Ways It Can Be Savoured

Florence Uwaeme

Greetings to you courageous food lovers who are evidently not afraid to try out new foods. Today, we will be looking at the different ways you can combine and upgrade your garri drinking skills.

None Nigerian and wondering what garri is? Not to worry, because I’ve got you on this one. Garri is an extract from cassava tuber. Garri, when poured into hot water- becomes ‘eba’ that can be swallowed with any soup of your choice. But when poured into cold water, it becomes a kind of cereal for drinking. Some people have even gone ahead to rename this drinking goodness cassaflex or garri cereal. We don’t blame them, do we? After having a taste of this goodness, you’re bound to reel out new names for it. Well, about the name, I think ‘garri cereal’ sounds better and more authentic than ‘cassaflex’ which is all shades of faux.

Did you know that there are different ways to relish your garri cereal? Asides the regular addition of sugar and beverage, there are myriad of scintillating ways to enjoy this goodness. If you aren’t counting calories, here are some garri cereal combos you should try if you haven’t tried any yet.

  1. Garri, milk, and groundnut

This particular combo is your handy combo. It is accessible at every given time. If you want to get the best of the taste, just used chilled water or add a few cubes of ice and you’ll have yourself one of the best regular combos. Best served on an intensely hot day. You can add coconut if you want.

  1. Garri and Moi-Moi

If you are Nigerian and you’ve never tried this combo, then consider yourself an unpatriotic citizen. This is like our national anthem. This yummy goodness can be served at any given time of the day.

  1. Garri and Fish

Now, this combo is common amongst the riverine coast of Nigeria. It is very popular here in Port Harcourt. The fish can be grilled, fried, cooked or dried. It really doesn’t matter. Some people eat theirs with a little pepper sauce.

  1. Garri and Akara

    This combo is a whole mood. You know why? This is because it is one of the most popular after number one on our list. Have you tried this combo yet? Now, don’t say we did nothing for you. Go ahead and give it a trial.

  2. Garri Suya

    Wait, did you just say this combo isn’t possible? If you just did, know then that your garri game is still on apprenticeship level. This combo has been referred to as the Harvard holding combo.

Which is your best combo amongst the list above? If you’re yet to try any of these combos, go ahead and do so. You surely won’t regret it. You’re welcome!