Tacha, Khafi, Jackye Advocate for gender equality In The House


Florence Uwaeme

This afternoon, the housemates were grouped into three groups that comprise seven persons each for the game that is to take place this evening.

After grouping them, Jeff, the head of the house, appointed three male to lead the different groups. After the appointment of the three male team leaders, Tacha questioned why it is only the male that are selected as team leaders. She pushed that the female housemates should not be relegated to the background when it comes to matters of leadership in the house.

Khafi admitted she was going to point out the same issue to Jeff before it was taken up by Tacha, reminded them that they are being watched by millions of people and that they should try as much as possible to represent females as people capable of leadership and not just people lacking in strength, both physically and mentally. She said that the fact that the African society makes the notion of females as second class citizens does not mean that they are and it should not be tolerated in the house.

Jackye also agreed she was going to point the same error out to the head of house before her fellow housemates did.

Jeff apologized to the females and promised that such neglect and insensitivity will never occur again in the house.