Mixed reactions trail Tonye Cole’s flight experience with Soyinka

Successful businessman, Tonye Cole, wrote on how he met the renowned Nobel Laureate and African literary giant, Prof. Wole Soyinka in the departure lounge recently and excitedly moved to greet him.

He said soon after, they headed into the flight and the Prof occupied a window seat in the business class cabin. But before long a young man walked in and asked the Prof to move to his original seat. So he (the young man) can have the seat allocated to him (the window side) where the Prof had occupied.

Tonye added that, amidst the situation, he and a member of the cabin crew tried to convince the young man to allow the Prof to keep the window seat. But the young man wouldn’t agree.

Tonye expressed disappointment and suggested that the young man was disrespectful to the Prof by asking him to leave the window seat.

Nigerians on Twitter react….