Proposed roadshow for Wike tears Rivers entertainers apart


A proposed solidarity walk by entertainers in Rivers State has become a subject of disagreement by stakeholders in the industry as some have described it as a scam fashioned in order to obtain funds from the state government.

The proposed solidarity walk is to among other things, congratulate the governor on his re-election for a second term.

But OGs in the industry like Lexy Mueka referred to the move as a “YAHOO BADOO”

According to him: “We have been receiving calls based on this HUNGRY SCAM TO OBTAIN FUNDS from the Rivers state Government in the name of this non-existent body hurriedly formed for selfish intents.

“Let it be known to the general public and the Rivers state Government that there has never been anytime that Entertainment practitioners in Rivers State gathered and agreed to form such a body talk more of to organize a MARCH.

” This is simply the handiwork of a bunch of hungry desperate individuals whose basic aim is to see how much they can get from this illegal assembly.