How to Make Efo Riro


Florence Uwaeme

Efo riro is a type of stew that is popular amongst the Yoruba people of South West in Nigeria. The stew is made with Efo leaf (spinach). Efo riro is a delicious stew when properly prepared. If prepared wrongly, you are bound to make a tasteless stew.

This stew can be enjoyed with white rice or with either fufu or pounded yam.

If you are a food lover and you want to add something new to your stock of foods, this is the right stew for you. It is simple to prepare and has a savoury taste that will get you asking for more.


Assorted meat (beef, pomo (cowhide) shaki (tripe))
Efo leaf (Spinach leaf)
Iru (locust beans)
Smoked fish
Stock Fish
Fresh Pepper
Red bell pepper
Onion Bulb
Palm Oil
Seasoning cube of your choice

Step 1

Wash the Efo leaf with water and salt at least three times before slicing. Soak with warm water and a little salt for about 15 minutes. While your leaf is soaked, wash the meat, fish, stockfish, add onion, salt and seasoning to taste then steam.

Chop your onion and keep aside. Because you wouldn’t want to have too much stock, be mindful of the quantity of water you add to your meat to avoid having too much stock that will in return give you a watery Efo Riro. A good cook puts all the ingredients together before commencing with the cooking proper.

Wash your fresh pepper, red bell pepper and rough blend. Boil till it makes a thick puree.

While washing the Iru, remember to not drown in water so the taste won’t be lost.

Step 2

1. Place your pot on the fire, pour in the quantity of palm oil you need. Allow the oil to heat up a little. Pour in your diced onion and stir for two minutes.
2. Pour in the blended pepper and Iru and stir fry for some minutes.
3. Add the meat, smoke fish, stockfish and ground crayfish. Add stock a drop at a time to prevent making a dripping Efo. Cook for five to seven minutes.
4. Add the Efo to the pot. Taste to see if it needs more salt or seasoning cube. Cook on low heat for three more minutes.

There you have yourself a delicious pot of Efo Riro.