Rivers renewed killings politically motivated – IPAC

Emenike Lorine

Sir Precious Baridoo, the state chairman of the Rivers State chapter of Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) and a former governorship candidate of the Accord Party has condemned the incessant killing of Rivers State citizens by unknown gunmen.

The Rivers State IPAC chairman in an interview with TPCN reporter in Port Harcourt called on all residents of Rivers State to be on guard.

He said that IPAC feels the spate of killings in the state is sponsored in a bid to render the state ungovernable, so that the just concluded election will be cancelled or for a state of emergency to be declared in the state.

“People of Rivers State, religious leaders and chiefs should come together let us talk to God to change the mindset of our youths from killing each other. Continuous beheading of people and cult rivalry is not healthy for the Rivers State”

“IPAC got involved in the campaign for peace to rein so that there will be jobs tomorrow. Because if there is no peace, all investors will run away from Rivers State. And when they run away there will be no job”

” The rate of killings going on now is barbaric. It is not expected from a state like Rivers State. I will not say that the state is sitting on a keg of gun powder, but Rivers State should be allowed to rest by political gladiators, they are suspected to be behind the killing now to render Rivers State ungovernable and maybe to call for a state of emergency ”

Continuing, the state IPAC boss also advised oppositions to allow governor E.N Wike to complete his tenure and work with him to improve sustainable development in the state.

The IPAC chairman also called all Rivers State chiefs and elders to speak out and against ills in the state and work in synergy with the young men in the state in order to look for better ways to make sure that Rivers state survives, “We know that it is only one Rivers State that we have, if we lose it today, we have lost forever. When two brothers are fighting, visitors and strangers always collect their lands, that is exactly what is happening in Rivers State. See those that are not true Rivers citizens are making it. We are being here quarrelling and killing ourselves. We want peace to rein in Rivers State. We want Rivers State to have a new turn of life from it use to be”

Furthermore, the state IPAC boss advised youths that are being used by some politicians to cause mayhem in the state, to ensure before they go out to perpetrate any evil, they should make sure that the sons and daughters of their sponsors accompany them. He said soul lost or dead is gone forever.

He also added ” those you have beheaded, what will happen to your family? We want peace to rein, sheath your swords, iron out your differences and let us continue to live as brothers. If rivalry continues there will be no development, there will be no jobs. Let the youths sheath their swords and come together as one ”