Soot overtakes Port Harcourt skies (Pictures)

The crippling black soot which is said to have hazardous effects on human health seems to be back as operators of illegal refineries intensify their operations.

The soot ruled the skies at Old Port Harcourt on Tuesday with its heavy presence.

According to a post on facebook by Rivers State born high-life sensation, Lexy Mueka:

This is a part view of Victoria Street in the heart of the old PH township. What u are seeing are not clouds of stormy weather; it is the poison from the only SELF EMPLOYMENT COMPANY in Rivers State aka KPOFIRE.
While they are exploring illegally, the Fed Govt is Bombing while the people are dying of the end result; SOOT POLUTED AIR🙄

Also, a Twitter user posted another trouble pictures of the thick black soot darkening the skies at Borokiri.


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