Where to hang-out this weekend in Port Harcourt

Okenyi Kenechi

It is weekend once again and a whole lot of people are looking for places to chill out and shake-off the acquired stress of the weekdays.
At theportcitynews.com, you know we always have your back by updating on the latest trends within and around the oil capital of Nigeria. That being said, it is pertinent, no, imperative that we walk you through this journey to ensure that you don’t get lost. Even if you are lost, trust us to find you and put you on the right path to eternal fun.

If you are looking for where to shake-off for the weekend, keep reading and trust me, things you will find will amaze you to your bones.

Port Harcourt city has a lot in stock for visitors and residents alike. If you know, you know. If you don’t know, well, allow me to tell you. Behind the cloak of soot and clogs of stressful days, there are some things better that the city offers, things that are not found anywhere else. Don’t lose the passion. Follow my lead and I promise to make it worthwhile.

1. Blinkx Lounge Port Harcourt.

This exquisite club is located at No 21 Elelenwo street GRA and offers a nice sit-out environment with good cocktail with out-of-the ordinary cooling system and a madass DJ that envelops your thought with great throw back songs. You would absolutely love the suya too and when they treat you good, call to thank me. You are welcome

2. Cubana Lounge

Ok, if you haven’t been to Cubana, you need to be there this weekend. No ifs or buts, just dust off your shoes and have that wow experience designed specifically for you. Located at the Abacha road GRA. It’s a chic place that attracts a trendy crowd. Great ambience. Tasty cocktails, Chapman and freshly squeezed juice are available as non alcoholic beverages. They also have an array of meal options ranging from grilled fish, gizzard, snails, rice etc Customer service isn’t bad. There’s usually a wait depending on the day or time. Peak Period is mostly weekends.

3. Playhouse

Actually, one the best in town. Place to meet your paddyman in PH. A regular freestyle club where drinks are sold at affordable prices.

4. Lamborghini Upscale Premium Club

Located at Rumeme, Port Harcourt. A good place to chill for the rich folks. No beers, just wines and spirit. Great ambience and large parking space too.

5. The Boss Lounge

Located at Woji road, GRA. Cool lounge, great music, an array of good food and drinks… I go primarily to shoot pool though, nice place. It’s really a cozy place to chill and relax and have fun of course. Services are great but it’s quite small.


Located at Apara road GRA. A beautiful place to hang out. Very classy and matured. Though it is not cheap but you will enjoy every bit of your money.This is a go-to place for ram suya. The guy knows his work. The inside is decent – great atmosphere and a good DJ. I think there’s a strip club upstairs.

I hope that with these, you will have an awesome weekend. There are more though and we will explore them next weekend. Keep a tab with Theportcitynews.com