APGC Gencos Signs 9 PPAs


The Executive Secretary of Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC), Dr. Joy Ogaji, in a recent interview said that the Eligible Customer regulation is taking shape with nine power purchase agreements having been signed.

She said,“A lot of Gencos are in support of it and we have signed about nine power purchase agreements with eligible customers. We are interested and we are pushing for it. We are targeting the industrial sector of the economy, which has been complaining about the impact of irregular electricity to their operations.

Declaring the eligible customers does not mean it is only the Gencos and Discos that must become competitive, even the TCN has to become competitive and deliver on a contract. When TCN defaults by not wheeling available capacities, it should be held liable. It is going to be a contractual framework because NERC is not part of the activity, but will only register the participants after they meet the requirements, which it is working on.

Discos are actually able to get power through this arrangement on the grid. If they have more customers and are not getting enough due to the strict national grid allocation, they can ask for extra power. In that case, a Disco will need a bilateral contract, not with NBET but with a Genco, and the Transmission Company of Nigeria being the third party.”