Eleme Lynching: We are investigating, Police Says. (Graphic Images)

Warning: disturbing images.

Rivers State Police Command has said it is investigating the lynching of a suspected armed robber in Eleme area of Rivers State.

The man said to have been caught during a robbery operation was lynched and set ablaze by an angry mob minutes later.

Pictures captured at the scene showed a police officer carrying a riffle and a Nigerian Army personnel with people suspected to be members of the community, standing at the scene before the bloodied robbery suspect was eventually set ablaze.

There have been torrents of criticism on social media against the Police officer and the Soldier for doing nothing to stop the suspect from being killed.

However, upon inquiry by TPCN, the Police said that it was not immediately clear if the lynching took place in Rivers State but assured that a proper investigation will be carried out to ascertain if it truly happened in Eleme.

The command also assured that it will bring to book, those involved after the investigation.