Extra one year is unnecessary – Reginald Osigbo

Reactions have began to trail the recommendation made by the minister of state for Education, Honorable Anwuka Anthony on the need to add extra year of schooling for graduates before they face the labor market.

An Educationist in Rivers state, Reginald Osigbo, who spoke to our correspondent, Tina Stephen, on the issue, said an extra year is unnecessary and suggested that a professional qualifying exam should be set to test graduates’ ability and knowledge before they get into the labor market.

Osigbo further said the University curriculum is already designed for specified number of years to accommodate students upon graduation.

“I don’t think it is necessary to add extra year for internship. What the government should do is to set professional qualifying exams. For instance, teachers on graduation and after youth service before they are issued teachers registration council certificate, the graduates should sit for qualifying exams upon which they pass, they will be licensed as teachers.

“If a student is found not competent and cannot represent or be a good ambassador of the school, such student should be given extra year. Mandating extra year for intelligent students is a waste of time. Schools should not compromise standards. Any student not fit to graduate should be made to stay behind and those qualified should be sent to the labour market”

He opined that for housemanship to be introduced to graduates of four years courses, federal government should be ready to provide incentives and numerations like their counterparts in medicals and law.

“The mindset of the undergraduate should be prepared on how many years they will likely face. Also, while government is trying to introduce extra year to graduates, they will have to harmonise numeration structure to be equal to all”