What is KARS?

Months after millions of Nigerians rallied against the activities of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, with first hand confessions of the inhumane treatments that they endured in the hands of the Anti-robbery squad, the police command ordered the re-organization of the notorious squad.

The outcry was intense that Amnesty International, made public, a report that had indicted the squad, accusing it of unconstitutional detention and countless murders.

In Port-Harcourt, the outcry was so intense that the squad vanished from the consciousness of the residents. This, however, has forced the squad to maintain sparse appearances on the roads, except, perhaps, during functions by VIPs, especially those of the All Progressives Congress.

But what is KARS?

Events in recent weeks have seen another Anti-robbery squad of the police parade major roads in Port Harcourt. The inscription on their black overall reads ‘KOM Anti-robbery Squad”.

The modus operandi of this squad is not different from that of the relegated SARS. The Uniform is the same and their military type of operation is not different from SARS.

Is SARS back, wearing a different name? Only time will tell.