The holiday bells are beginning to ring and Pupils are getting set for an Easter vacation. The Pupils of Status International School enjoyed a rich cultural display during their Cultural Day/Easter Party with their parents all thrilling them to amazement and laughter.

Status International School Port-Harcourt on Saturday, the 24th day of March, 2018 brought together their Teachers, Parents and Pupils in celebration of the cultural heritage of Nigeria as a way of marking Easter( the celebration of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ).

The event was lit with so much fun, traditional dances, plays, songs, foods and lots more. The six Geo-Political Zones in Nigeria were well represented as the parents, pupils and teachers were divided into the various zones to wit; South-East, South-West, South-South, North-Central, North-East and North-West.

According to the Proprietor of the School Mrs Nwankwo, the essence of the event was to make her pupils appreciate the beauty of indigenous languages and to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria, and also to educate her pupils on the need for a peaceful co-existence among us a nation.

This was seen in the play performed by the South-Western Group, which hinged on unity in diversity, love and respect among the various tribes in the nation.

Mr Morgan, a teacher in the school, admonished and encouraged parents to teach their children their native languages and also speak the native language to their children at home. He emphasized on its importance in the society.

According to one of the Parents U.D Nwankpa Esq, Parents should tell their children the history of where they are from. She noted that history is very important as it is the immutable bedrock upon which we stand.

According to her, ‘we have lost it in Nigeria, most children cannot speak in their native language, some do not even know where they hail from, while some are aware but have never been there in their entire life.’

The atmosphere was clouded with the colourful appearances of all in attendance. There were lots of food to eat, the parents presented foods like Ewedu, Omiogbe, Amala, Rice and Stew, Affang Soup, Edikaikong Soup, Rivers Sea Foods Soup, Ikwerre Native Soup and Dried Meat, Banga Soup and Starch, White Soup and Pounded Yam, Ugba, Abacha, Offe-Akwu, Mmanya-Ngwor, Offe-Owerri and Akpurakpu Mgbam etc. The foods were not left without an interesting food tasting segment and demonstration. The guests and all in attendance had so much to eat, drink and take home.

The Pupils, Teachers and Parents were all dressed in the attire of the different Geo-Political Zones in Nigeria, the National Anthem was sang in Igbo Language and prayers were offered in various languages as well. It was a huge cultural/ Easter celebration and the school marked it with grandiosity and in a luxurious style.

The guests were all thrilled by the performances of the parents who took out time to entertain their children and share in their activities.