Rivers State Government to issue new Registration certificate to private Schools.

The Rivers State Government has reached a decision to come up with a new registration certificate for private schools, according to the commissioner of Education, Tamunosisi Gogo Jaja.

The new registration certificate is to guide against what he said, is forgery of the present certificate.

Tamunosisi Gogo Jaja said the new certificate registration for private schools will bear security features.

“The ministry is only taking the first quarter of this year to process the approval and renewals of their certificates. Maybe we would use this opportunity to inform you that before now, what was given to schools, private schools as approvals were papers.

“Now the Governor of Rivers state directed that some security measures must be taken, to check forgery and strain leakages because quacks are always issuing out letter headed papers as approval letters.

The commissioner for Education, also said that as part of the plans to ensure that owners of private schools in Rivers state operate according to standard, Directors in the ministry of Education and Permanent Secretary of the ministry of education will no longer be allowed to approve private schools, and such powers will only come from the office of the Governor.

“Even if you have an approval, now you have to revalidate it with some of this certificates that have some security measures.

“Now Like I said, initially even the Directors, permanent Secretarys were issuing approvals, now approvals are domiciled in the office of the Governor of Rivers State. So now we are checking most of these things.