5 irresistible fashion trends that have come to stay

Florence Uwaeme

Fashion, just like life itself keeps evolving and we are here for all of it. Fashion trends don’t remain the same for a long time as fashionistas and fashion icons and fashion stars keep tweaking their styles. And to be honest with you, it is not an easy task trying to keep up with these trends and styles.

In this article, we will be bringing five irresistible fashion trends that fashionistas can’t seem to get enough of. We implore you to take note and upgrade your wardrobe if you are yet to own any of these items.

  1. Combat boots

Combat boots are one of the hottest trends on the street of fashion all around the world. From major brands like Bottega, Prada, Aldo, and other fashion style trends. These lug-sole boots offer ease of wear with an edgy-chic appeal.

If you are stylish and fashionable, why not get yourself a combat boot and be amongst the trendsetters.

  1. Bikers shorts

Welcome to the world of biker shorts! Bikers shorts are one of the irresistible fashion trends that are in vogue. Bikers shorts are easy to style as they turn out simple and chic no matter what you pair them with.

A pair of biker shorts is that one outfit that you can never have too much of. I mean, of what gain will it be for a stylish sister to have just one colour of these shorts? Having just one colour equals to not having any at all.

Depending on the mood you’re in, biker shorts can be paired with any kind of attire at all. From a cropped top to a tee short, you can hardly go wrong with styling a biker’s short.

  1. Head Scarf

Silky head scarfs are back in style and we love the myriad of ways they are being worn by fashion stars. Back in the 80s and early 90s, head scarfs were a thing then. How fashion trends keep being recycled beats is a thing of wonder.

Now that these silky head scarfs are back and better, you should at least own one. Owning one wouldn’t be enough though if you have no idea about styling it. Most of these scarfs come in bright colours. Another thing you should bear in mind is the different ways to wear the headscarf. The style you wear your headscarf is dependent on the hairstyle you are wearing as there are different scarf styles for different hairstyles.

  1. Crop Tops

Crop tops are trendy tops that tend to cover only the upper torso, leaving the navel and the lower part of the stomach open.

The Crop top was first worn in the 1930s and it made as come back in the 50s due to fabric rationing after the world war.

Crop tops are best worn with wide-leg pants. Crop tops are back in style and can be worn by everybody that feels confident enough despite their body type or size.

  1. Face mask

Yes, face masks are now fashion trends that have come to stay. With the Coronavirus pandemic still out there in the world, it is only safe that we don’t get bored from wearing face masks hence the need for fashionistas to turn it into fashion accessories even while it does its main job.

Face masks are now fashion items as we see people match their outfits with their facemask, which is a beautiful sight to behold by the way.

The pandemic has made face masks unavoidably useful. So, instead of just wearing one type of face mask every other day, why not try accentuating your looks with a colourful face mask.