Lady faints during engagement proposal at Port Harcourt Mall

Florence Uwaeme

As the public places have been re-opened in Port Harcourt, and Thursday being declared as a public holiday all over Nigeria in celebration of Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary, it is understandable why people trooped to public places to unwind and catch some fun.

Trust Nigerians to always put up a show even where there shouldn’t be any.

Oh well, as fainting has now been added to one of our ways to express some undesirable emotions, thanks to our popular politicians and their appointees, a lady at the Port Harcourt mall displayed her own fainting skills after her boyfriend asked her to marry him.

Trust Nigerians to converge the second there is a little scene on the way with phones in hand, immediately the lady saw her boyfriend on bent knees, she thought it was a prank and asked her boyfriend to stop it.

On seeing that her boyfriend wasn’t out to prank her, she broke down in subdued sobs as her friends urged her on to say yes.

Being too shocked to speak, all she did was faint in peace. The boyfriend was seen running to stop her from hitting the ground like a log of wood.

Some people have condemned her actions. They said she is being too dramatic for just a proposal. Others were less judgmental as they wished them well in their decision.

That is rather a shocking way to accept a proposal. Would you faint on your engagement day? What do you think about this lady’s reaction?