Bbnaija 2020: Happenings in first week of the Lockdown edition

Florence Uwaeme

It is the first week in Biggie’s house and so far, the Housemates are still getting to know each other.

The ‘Lockdown’ Housemates are bonding, establishing friendships, trying to be noticed by their fellow Housemates and what not. One can say that it has been a cruise of a week for the Housemates and viewers alike.

Yesterday being Thursday, the Housemates participated in their first-ever arena game challenge of which a win would have gotten them their wager, but unfortunately, they lost their first-ever wager in the house.

The Challenge

Before the challenge proper, two Housemates, Brighto and Neo were called out by big brother and were asked to apologize to fellow Housemates for failing to abide by the rules of the house – which was that they were conversing at night without their microphones switched off. Their apology was accepted and Biggie decided to tamper justice with mercy because he was feeling very generous last night.

Now, the game last night was actually about the Housemates – which rhymes with the team if the week, “Get To Know Me”. Housemates were shared into two groups; the gents and the ladies. Each team member was to answer two questions from each. For a team to have been considered as winners, they should at least score a total of 30 out of the 40 questions available.

One would have thought that this game would be a walk in the park for the Housemates considering that they’ve been bonding and building some ‘ships’, but the reverse is the case here.

The Housemates’ score was below expectations as they performed awfully. Team ladies came out with a total of 10 points while team gents got a total of seven points. As was promised by Biggie, the winning team will receive a special treat from him next week.

The Ships That have set sail

Like it or not, a bunch of ships have already set sail in the house and we are here for all of it. One of the noticeable ships in the house is Eric and Lilo. These two have already set sail as they are always seen cuddling and in tight hugs all around the house. Some viewers have, however, asserts that it is quite too early for the Housemates to set sail, while their “stanners” are in support and loving it.

Another ship that we all are rooting for is the beautiful friendship that is budding between Erica and Laycon. The way Erica’s eyes lits up whenever she is conversing with Laycon; she once said that conversing with him makes her feel smarter. We admit that Laycon is one of the most articulate, smart and observant Housemates. Who wouldn’t want a smart Alec in their corner?

Another of the ships is the triangle that Dorathy, Ọzọ and Nengi have found themselves. Ọzọ admits that he loves the way Dorathy calls him the ‘ultimate light skin’ and will never put any housemate above her. We have also seen him going to sit beside Dorathy, laying on her laps and all.

Ọzọ also said that Nengi is definitely his spec but what is keeping him from shooting his shot is what we don’t know yet.

As for Nengi, we all have seen her falling over herself because of Ọzọ. Ọzọ knows that Nengi stans him but he obviously is playing it down because of Dorathy.

Well, we hope this doesn’t become an entanglement because it is already looking like one.