Meet housemates of Big brother Naija season 5 – Beautiful, handsome, go-getters

Florence UwaemeAs this year’s season of Big Brother Naija kicks off tonight, here are the new housemates that will grace your TV in the next two months. We advise you stay glued to this space as we will be bringing you all the latest gist, fights, dramas and gbas-gbos from the house. You wouldn’t want to miss the gists. Would you?


Meet the new Housemates.1. Ozoemena Chijindu – Fun, outgoing, hates People with body odour.


  1. Victoria Vee- She’s British, she ignores people on purpose, most likely to play a prank.

  1. Prince – He’s Royalty, He is a cruise master, most likely to get into a conspiracy in the house.

  1. LILO, – She loves to Order people around, hates peoples being in her business,shes a Dietician.

  1. Triky T- Doesn’t fit into society, he likes food, hates proud people, he’s wacko and overly dramatic, most likely to get into a fight.

  1. Lucy – simple girl, but not so average, can be rude if stepped on, she lights up the room, she’s bringing fun vibes, loved her space and good food, most likely to get into a fight in the house.

  2. kidwaya – Can be confident and Arrogant, loves to party, resilient, hates spiders, get ready to rumble.

  3. Dorathy- Only one in the world that should make you smile, can’t relate to proud people, has multiple personalities, thanks biggie in advance for the money.

  4. Praiz- – Loves meeting new people, loves challenges, Is the life of the party, dance and fitness instructor, he loves good food, he’s a go-getter, was once in a 3way relationship.

  5. Wathoni – A mother, speaks Swahili, loves to write, a shoe addict, friendly and playful, dislike show-offs.

  6. Tochi – Straight forward, social, he loves people that are real, he’s very entertaining,it’s going to be fire for fire.

  7. Ka3na – She’s a boss lady because she’s in charge of her life, she loves money and hates poverty, she’s bringing surprises.

  8. Eric- Peoples person, gains pleasure from completing tasks, fitness instructor, go-getter, likes big Phat girls, where he dey, drama always dey, he’s gonna be loud, he hates wearing shirts, he loves Jacuzzi time. He is TALL. 6ft 5.

  9. Erica- Ambivert, passionate, wants to be a big-time celeb, an Actress, can be a diva, has done bad things out of curiosity, loves to get drunk and dance, hates people who don’t take care of their personal hygiene, she’s gonna be the reason why you watch this show, she’s the star of the show, with a few supporting actors of course.

  10. Brighto- Loves getting in peoples Nerves, he can speak 5 languages, he’s selfless, understanding and compassionate. He doesn’t like Movies.

16 Aisha Umar(Kaisha)- Very emotional, can be dramatic, go-getter, very hardworking, hates lies, no dull moment with her, she’s honest and has a good listening ear and knows how to keep secrets.

  1. Neo- secretive, stylish, go-getter, loves Neat people, he’s bringing cruise, he likes to be underestimated so you won’t see him coming.

  2. Tolani Baj- Ginger babe, she’s here for the money, fame without money must be sorrowful, she’s bringing Tolani vibes. She’s a table shaker.

  3. Leycon – He’s complicated, misunderstood, sexual enthusiast, An artist, a rapper, bringing crazy to the house.

  4. Nengi- Loves taking on New adventures, she loves traveling, she wants people to see her beneath and not her beauty because she’s always been judged by her beauty.