‘Do you want me to starve to death?’ Uniport lecturer owed 3 months salary asks FG


A senior lecturer with the University of Port Harcourt, Dr Israel Gwunireama has lamented the withholding of his salary by the Federal Government.

Gwunireama, a lecturer in the department of Anatomy took to the social network Facebook to share his grievances with the Federal Government.

There has been a lingering face-off between the FG and the Academic Staff Union of the Universities, ASUU, over IPPIS and BVN in the payment of ASUU members’ salaries.

“I want the FG to know that Hooke’s law applies to human beings also. This continuous withholding of my salary since February is looking like a joke. It will be very unfortunate that a senior lecturer died because FG starved him to death.

“My colleagues have been paid under any guise whether IPPIS or NOT. What exactly is my offence against the FG? I am not a ghost let alone being a ghost worker.

“I have been a lecturer for more than 15 years. Only this year, salaries are paid selectively to staff. Mr President, please let history not have it that I died because I could not wrestle with you.

“You definitely have excess power within your purview and as such no comparison is necessary. Mr President sir, can you kindly direct the Accountant General to be fair for once by paying those he has continually held their salaries.

“This country belongs to all of us. He is the Accountant General and not a Professor at the same time. We all occupy different offices for the common good of our country.

“Let the high handedness of one person not destroy the entire education sector of the country. I decided to shout out this morning because my burial will definitely be more expensive compared to my accumulated salary. I just hope that I have not offended anybody. God bless Nigeria”.

I want the FG to know that Hooke's law applies to human beings also. This continuous withholding of my salary since…

Posted by Israel Gwunireama on Thursday, May 21, 2020