Man allegedly kills wife with a machete in Rivers


A middle-aged woman has allegedly been killed by her husband over a family disagreement.

The incident happened on Friday.

According to Nollywood actress, Glory Odum, the woman who was hacked to death by her husband in Rumuji, Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State.

She alleged that there are plots by the late woman’s husband’s family to block justice through a “settlement deal” which was initiated after a lady was allegedly killed.

She added that the husband had been abusive.

According to Glory Odum, the lady was slaughtered for no reason and further revealed that “they are now proposing to use money to settle the incident”.

She said: “Marriage is not a do or die affair oo

“So her husband slaughtered her for no reason and no one is saying anything about it!

“This wasn’t an accident, she was butchered with a machete by her husband.. now I’m hearing they are proposing to use money to settle it, settle what? Life for money?

“This event happened yesterday evening in Rumuji town Emohua local government Rivers state.

“Oh I pity her children, how will they take this, their mum was killed by their father”