How to boost your immune system against covid-19

It is important to keep maintaining awesome hygienic lifestyle at this time. Many have their lockdown eased already and are now exposed to contact with many people they were able to avoid staying ay home.

Hence, we need to keep finding ways to boost our immune system, prioritise being sound in health and protecting ourselves.

No one will protect you better than yourself.

There are actions to take, food to eat, practices to maintain that won’t cost a thing; just your time and they are definitely worth it.

Let’s get started:

Stop smoking: Because people who do have higher chances of being exposed to any infection, Coronavirus inclusive.

Sleep well: it is important to allow your body to fight for itself, which is possible when you sleep adequately.

Make sure you are having the right amount of exercise. You might not need to hit the gym; a brisk walk in the morning or evening will do.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. This cannot be overemphasised. Make smoothies from fruits if you want something different, make a salad with your vegetables when you do not want to cook them.

See previous editions of Xquisite Food on how to make smoothies and shrimp salad.
to be continued.

Recipe of the day:

A bowl of Eda?

This is how to make it…

This meal is made from the chaff of white corn grains and is coarse after preparation. It is the closest to cornflakes but can be made locally.


White corn chaff.


Get sun-dried yellow or white corn grains

Grind it to get the chaff.

Cooking process:

Put water on the fire, once it’s almost boiled, pour the èdá into it and stir evenly.

Leave on fire for a while till it turns semi-solid

Stir properly again and put it down from the fire.

Eda is served with milk and sugar

You can also eat with beancake!