Opinion: Abba Kyari – celebration of life or good riddance?

Yomi Lawal

So it happened that I felt betrayed by two friends, two of the few people I believed I could trust with my very life. In my personal grief as I sought to understand, I wrote these words about 2yrs ago, “truth is a dead body buried at the beach.”

It’s only a matter of time that the tide and waves will help the beach give up the secrets hidden in the sands.

Femi Adesina, a man not known for giving any sensible information nor opinions to Nigerians suddenly felt the need to inform us that Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to buhari had died.

Abba kyari is infamously called the “remote control” for the “tv,” that tv is buhari, and rightly so. I don’t want this to be a long post however.

Unlike William Shakespeare’s Marc Anthony’s speech at the burial of Julius Caesar when he began with “…I come to bury Ceasar not to praise him..”

I have not even come to bury Kyari and certainly not to praise him because there is nothing to praise. I have however come to ask for our money and for justice for the thousands who have lost their lives because Kyari and the rest of the “undead” wicked souls in Asorock. They took the reigns of power and unleashed terror on non-fulanis using the powers of state, killer fulani herdsmen and boko haram terrorists, justice is what I can demand and not offer tears.

Let men who want to be mourned in death be good human beings whilst alive. Let those who want people they know to be mourned in death advise them to be good whilst alive. Death does not wipe away your wickedness whilst alive, it seals it in time.

Why did Kyari contract coronavirus? He did because he ursuped powers that never belonged to him. Greed took him to the meeting with Siemens, or since when did a president’s chief of staff go to strike deals on behalf of a country?

Abba kyari was so bold in his coup detat that he was summoning security meetings and calling the spineless service chiefs to report to him. Kyari did not die of COVID-19, he died of greed.

He had become the Gollum, a prisoner of the ring he stole in 2015, a ring he along with the illegal occupants of Aso Rock protected with massive bloodshed in 2019!

When a thief offers you meat, should you not ask where he got it from? Since when has Adesina become responsible enough to tell the truth? Abba Kyari could not have just died on the 17th of April 2020 and a known liar like Femi will offer us the information. Do you remember the story about two weeks ago that there was a death in Aso Rock? Well, they could only hide a dead body at the beach for so long.

I wish I could be magnanimous in death to this illegal president of Nigeria but those who died in Agatu, Nembe, Aba, Onitsha and the hundreds murdered in Rivers state deserve justice.

So is this a celebration of life or good riddance? Just tell them to stop burning federal buildings, and decide whether you would mourn a useless remote control or go buy another one.