CP Dandaura changing the narratives – No more Rivers of blood

Azubike Ihemeje

Ladies and gentlemen, kindly permit me to brag a little about Mr. Mustapha Dandaura, the Commissioner of Police, Rivers State.

If you’re truly my friend here, I don’t mean those fair-weather/fake friends, you’d recall I made a post about the unparalleled service delivery of this CP to the people of Rivers State.

Yes, I stuck out my neck to put out what I have seen and perceive to be the best Commissioner of Police we’ve ever had in Rivers State.

I supported my standpoint with credible and verifiable evidence of achievements and improved security situation within the state.

Now, enters COVID-19. I choose to call it ‘Rona baby’.

The entire world got totally confused and disoriented, with no permanent solution in sight.

Nigeria was affected, and Rivers State was no exception.

All attention and resources were concentrated and channeled on Rona, Rona, and Rona.

Everyone, yes all of us forgot that Rona had not washed away all the pending crimes and criminalities around us.

Within two weeks of shutdown and restrictions imposed by government, several states in Nigeria were already in the turmoil of wanton crimes. Lagos is already bleeding. Lagosians can no longer sleep with their eyes closed.

We wake up every morning only to be inundated with the sad news of armed robbery, rapes and other criminalities against the people of Lagos. Our great commercial capital of Nigeria is now sadly under the siege of nefarious characters.

Maybe the Lagos Government focused all attention on the Rona pandemic, at the expense of the security of lives and property.

Maybe, just maybe, they never anticipated other unintended socio-economic implications of Rona pandemic.

But, here’s my reason for bragging rights now.

One man, just one man foresaw the likelihood of increased security challenges, and proactively took steps in advance to contend them. In fact, he took the war to the criminals’ den in order to counteract whatever might have been their evil and demonic intentions.

That man is CP Mustapha Dandaura. While the fight against Rona was fiercely going on, this CP was still conscious of the fact that; criminals are NOT on Leave. He knew they’d soon hijack everything and compound the already worsened Ron situation.

So, he mobilized all his tactical teams, to the business of safety and security of lives and property, while allowing conventional policemen to man Rona enforcement.

Beneath are pictorial evidence of what the CP and his gallant men recovered from various criminal hideouts across Rivers state.

Little wonder the media is no longer rife with news of “Rivers of blood”, “Rivers of kidnappers”.

Lest I forget, this news has been in circulation since last week, but it seems there’s some conspiracy of silence within the conventional and new media to keep this progressive report away from the masses.

I know the so-called human rice activists won’t be happy with this news. You won’t hear this kind of news from those apocalyptic human rice people because it doesn’t serve their purpose.

To you, CP Dandaura, I say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you and your able team, for you have made us very proud. The people of Rivers state are very happy with you!