Covid-19 : Rivers state government issues directives on movement


Florence Uwaeme

The whole world has been thrown into panic as the novel Covid-19 virus ravages the inhabitants of planet earth.

As is expected, state Governors have issued directives to the general public in order to contain the spread of the virus.

The directives for transportation in rivers state that are set to take effect from today, 23rd March 2020.

Recall that all schools are to be shut down as well as other public gatherings as ordered by the government.

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14 seater buses will carry only 10 passengers, including the driver and conductor.

Minibuses will carry a total of 5 passengers, including the driver. Tricycle (Keke) will carry a total of 2 passengers.

Taxis will carry a total of 3 passengers. 1 in the front seat, 2 at the back seat.

A special tax force has been made available to enforce these directives.

The challenge now is, will Port Harcourt drivers adhere to these directives?