The Joker & The Supreme Clowns


Travis Quentua

A prodigal son left his broom enclave ruled by his kinsmen and plotted to oust his Uncle from the umbrella village. His biggest mistake was using the most loathed warrior of the umbrella tribe Ibo Obi.

At the battle of the caliphate, his kinsmen watched him batter the Old Soja black and blue.

When the night fell..the umbrella tribes became pensive awaiting the verdict of the duel of the broom enclave.

They had supported the renegade prodigal son of the caliphate in hope of getting free access to the palm oil, cowries in their palace, freedom to own businesses and lower taxes.

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As the renegade danced with the loathed umbrella clansmen in the broom enclave, his kinsmen were amazed that the dreaded old Soja could be defeated..they panicked.

But their fears were quickly extinguished as the elders of the Caliphate were warned in their huts by the night before the battle of the consequences of having Ibo Obi to answer to and his umbrella tribesmen. They were told that their renegade son has betrayed them and must never oust old Soja.

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As the elders gathered to raise the Victor’s hand unison they claimed …That he was not a real son of the soil, that he was from the plantain village next door and his father was partially a brooms’ man by virtue of his grandmother. And his fighting style lacked merit for hitting his uncle below the belt.

The Supreme elders dismissed his challenge and old Soja reigned for another year unchallenged. The elders are currently explaining their decisions as the broomstick’s future leaders laugh to stupor. Now ……the challenger is seen as a butt of jokes…His fighting style lacked merit.