Ferry Gberegbe’s murder: Court sets date for ruling


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Tina Amanda

A high Court sitting in Port Harcourt has adjourned for ruling on the case of murder of Dr Ferry Gberegbe who was killed by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Khana local government area of Rivers State during the March 9th, 2019 Governorship Election.

The wife of the deceased, Ronke Gberegbe had instituted a fundamental human right case against SARS for the murder of her husband.

At the last adjourned date, applicant’s Counsel was waiting to respond formerly to a counter application filed by Respondent’s Counsel in opposition to the application he filed seeking for the Nigerian Police and Police Service Commission to be joined as parties in the suit.
When the matter was called up in court, Counsel to the Respondent, F-SARS was not present in court, in his absence, Applicant’s Counsel Lezina Amegwa, prayed the court to adopt all the processes filed.
The presiding Judge, Justice Adolphus Enebeli, adopted all processes before him, including that of the Respondents and adjourned the matter to 18th November for ruling.
Speaking to our correspondent Tina Amanda, Lezina Amegwa, Counsel to Ronke Gberegbere, said in the circumstance, he prayed the court to adopt all the processes including processes of the Respondents who were absent in court, and the court did so.
He stressed that it was right for the court to adopt all processes in order for the case to move forward, as the court is a moving train that waits for nobody.