Man bites snake dead after it bit him

A man in India, Raj Kumar, has bitten a snake to death as revenge on the reptile for biting him.

The man also chewed the snake it into pieces, his father told newsmen on Monday.

Raj Kumar was said to be relaxing in his home and enjoying a drink on Sunday when a snake slithered into his house in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh and bit him.

According to his father: “A snake bit him. So, in turn, he bit it and chewed it into pieces,” said the father, Babu Ram about the bizarre incident.

“My son was drunk. A snake entered into our home and bit him. And later he bit the snake and crunched it into pieces. His condition is serious. We are unable to afford his treatment expenses,” Babu Ram, father of Raj Kumar told reporters.

The man’s family took him to the hospital where media said his condition was critical. The snake that bit him was reported to have been a rat snake, which experts regard as usually not venomous.

“This is definitely weird,” said Raj Kumar’s doctor, N.P. Singh.

“A patient came to me and said that he bit a snake. I misunderstood as the snake bit him. His condition is serious. He has been referred to another hospital,” Singh said.

“I’ve seen people coming in with snakebites, but never somebody who bit a snake and then brought it with him in a bag.”