A Review of Tokunbo, A Short Film

Florence Uwaeme

‘Tokunbo’ is a short film produced and directed by Rogba Arimoro. The film stars Ibrahim Suleiman and Kiki Omeili.

This short film was shot with a Samsung Galaxy S9, hence it is a one-dimensional feature. All the acts in this film were done in the car.

This film tells the story of a young man (Ibrahim Suleiman) whose loving wife (Kiki Omeili) was lost to cancer after they lost their second child at birth. The film heralds the daily activities of this loving couple; their love story, their struggle for another baby, the challenge of the husband’s lay-off at work and their ability to pull through their challenges/arguments with understanding.

The film, I would say is a feel-good movie until the couple lost their second child during birth and the wife became down with cancer.

During their visits to the hospital, the husband was showing every sign of bravery. Even when the wife begged him to leave her and move on with his life since was not what he married. He rebuked her and assures her that he is still in love with her even in that trying time.

When he lost his dear wife, selling the car was the only thing that could make him think less of the life without her because the car was part of their lives.

The word “Tokunbo” is predominately known in Nigeria as a thing purchased as fairly used or as it is generally called in Nigeria “second Hand”

This film revolves around the car as part of a life that had to be forgotten. The film tends to show the experiences of these ‘second hand’ goods we buy have had. I’ve never thought about this before anyway until I watched this film. Every car has its own story to tell.

Considering that this film was shot on a phone and the lighting and all are top notches, I suggest that all films in Nigeria be shot with the same phone. Or, what do you think?