The church has gone astray – Pastor Matilda Akinola

Kelechi Esogwa-Amadi

A renowned woman of God, Pastor Mrs Matilda Akinola has cried out over the derailment of the Christian church in today’s modern society, especially in Nigeria.

Ministering yesterday at the Alfred Diete Spiff Civic Centre, Moscow Road, Port Harcourt, Pastor Matilda Akinola, who is the wife of Senior Pastor of Redemption Ministries Worldwide, Rev Steven Akinola, said that many pastors had committed atrocities while still pretending to be serving God.

She expressed worry that the generality of Christians was not aware of this, as most of these deceitful pastors were hiding under the guise of ‘men of God’ to commit the atrocities secretly.

She noted that God was very angry with the Church because of this terrible situation and called on Christians to pray for God’s divine mercy to save the church before things got out of hand.
“Some of our pastors have committed atrocities. God is angry because of this. The church has gone astray. Please, we need to pray for mercy,” she lamented.

Pastor Matilda Akinola however, expressed hope that the Church would not be destroyed, adding that the gates of hell would never prevail against the church.

TPCN can report that Pastor Matilda Akinola is not the only minister of the gospel crying out over the derailing of the church and the atrocious acts of pastors in recent times.

Sometime last year, a man of God, Rev Livingstone Amadi, while preaching at Christ Jesus Link church at Marine Base, Port Harcourt, revealed that the anger of God was imminent on the church because of the sinful acts of some men of God who are deceiving others in the name of the gospel.

In the report which was published by TPCN, Rev Livingstone Amadi further revealed that the ongoing bloody attack by Fulani herdsmen was divine punishment on the church, warning that more would come if the church does not repent.

Perhaps, one of the signs of the derailment of the church is that the Catholic Church, which prides itself as the first church established by Jesus Christ with Apostle Peter as the first pope, has been enmeshed in an embarrassing sexual abuse crisis involving most of its clergy, including priests, bishops and cardinals.

As at the year 2000, over two thousand cases of such sex abuse were recorded in the United States alone, with many of the victims paid compensations running into millions of dollars in order to cover up the saga.

On several occasions, the Catholic Church had been accused of not doing enough to resolve the matter, although the current pope, Francis, appears to be determined to solve the problem. However, the saga lends credence to the general opinion that the church has gone astray.

Only recently, a mystic, Esotericist Monday Wehere, revealed that the church was misleading its members by preaching falsehood instead of teaching the truth, warning that if care was not taken, Christianity would be swallowed up by Islam in the next fifty years because of its faulty foundation rooted in falsehood.

In an exclusive interview currently trending in TPCN, the Rivers-born mystic went ahead to reveal the various falsehood which he said were misleading Christians.