INTERVIEW: You don’t need Jesus to access God – Port Harcourt Mystic

..Says Brexit is frustrating the second coming of Christ

Kelechi Esogwa-Amadi

Chief Monday Wehere JP is a well-versed Esotericist hat is based in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital. He could be described as one of the freest, most amiable, most generous and most transport mystic that the Niger Delta, Nigeria and Africa can boast of. While other mystics are afraid to identify themselves, the Rumuokwurushi-born Esotericist is ever-ready to share his thoughts and insights with those who come around him. In this interview with TPCN’s Kelechi Esogwa-Amadi yesterday, he reveals that nobody can take any person to God by hand, not eeven Jesus or any of the religious founders.
He also talks about the second coming of Christ and other burning religious and political issues. Excerpt:

May we know you sir?

My name is High Chief Esotericist Human Developer Monday Wehere JP. I’m the national president of the Institute of Corporate Esotericists of Nigeria. I’m also the national president of the Institute of Corporate Human Developers.

What are the Institutes of Corporate Esotericists of Nigeria and Corporate Human Developers all about?

Good. The Institute of Corporate Esotericists of Nigeria is concerned with awakening, accessing and harnessing the powers of the soul while the Institute of Corporate Human Developers is concerned with awakening, accessing and harnessing the powers of the human mind. They look simple but they are very distinct disciplines, just as in management. We have business management; we have personnel administration; we have marketing management but they are all part of business management. So, human development deals with the human mind while the esoteric school deals with the soul.

Are these two institutions registered?

Yes of course. The Institute of Corporate Esotericists of Nigeria is incorporated by C.A.C, (Corporate Affairs Commission) while the Institute of Corporate Human Developers is an arm of the Institute of Corporate Esotericists of Nigeria.

In Nigeria today, issues of soul and mind are deemed mystical and strange. How do you hope to promote what you’re doing for it to be acceptable?

It’s strange anyway but it’s not totally strange because everybody has a mind; everybody has a soul. The most unfortunate thing is that most people don’t even know the enormous powers and potentials of the mind and soul they carry. The human mind and the human soul were created by God. When God created man, he deposited inside him three things: The first one is special gift, special talent, which God gives to that soul to come and uplift humanity. Another gift that God deposited inside the mind is the mystery of life because God also knows that his creatures will be wondering what they are doing here. He knows they will want to know more about life, so he also deposited in the mind of every man the mystery of life. Another thing again is the mystery of the universe. God also knows very well that man, at a certain point, will wonder what the universe is all about. So he deposited inside every person the secret of the universe. The three basic things are: his talent as a potential to uplift humanity; the mystery of life and the secret of the universe. These three important things are concealed inside the mind and soul of every man. God said ‘it is the glory of God to conceal a matter.’ Even though God concealed them, he made provision for man to discover these three things. For instance, God buried mineral resources deep inside the bowels of mother earth but that same God also gave us the knowledge to discover, extract and refine them. So, what he did is that you must search for them. He knows why he concealed them but there’s also a provision for us to discover them hence no food for the lazy man. You must work hard to discover these treasures. Inside every man, God deposited special treasures. You’ve been hearing philosophers say ‘man know thyself.’ All philosophers, even before the coming Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed, have been emphasizing on ‘man know thyself.’ Even Master Jesus, when he came, said ‘Look, they will tell you that the kingdom of God is here or there but the kingdom of God is within you.’ That kingdom of God represents the mind and the soul because that is the image of God in us. Inside that image, God deposited his blessings and curses. If you toe the path of positivity, all God’s blessings inside you will invigorate, encompass and make life easy for you. And if you do evil with your mind, God’s curses inside you will punish and torment you. That is why all masters always stress: “Man know thyself.” So, in the science of human development, our focus is to teach students how to awaken, access and harness the powers of the human mind to enjoy all the material things on planet earth. We also teach you how to awaken, access and harness the powers of the soul and enjoy all the material things in the earth and other planetary systems. This is why people can travel to other planets. That is soul knowledge. But the science of the mind is limited only to the mother earth. With the powers of the mind, we can discover the treasures God buried within the mother earth. Whatever is outside the planet earth, you need the powers of the soul to discover them. That is what we’re doing. We’re doing it systematically. It’s a new knowledge. It has been there but hidden. We’re trying to teach it to Africa. One of the reasons why Africa is backward is because we have not been able to discover this.

Why has this knowledge not been discovered in Africa all this while?

When the white man came to colonise us, they had not finished colonizing us when our nationalist fathers discovered that we have some enormous resources. They tried to chase away our colonial masters. So what they (colonial masters) did was to deny us of this basic knowledge because if they give it to us from the beginning, we will not come to them for any other thing. What they did was to teach us little knowledge, mainly medicine, administration, law, some little material knowledge to enable us organize ourselves so that they can continue to exploit us. They did not give us this knowledge I’m talking to you about now, because if they had given it to us, Africa, with all the blessings God has endowed us with, would have been greater than them. So they deliberately denied us that knowledge and just gave us material knowledge to enable us organize ourselves for them to continue to exploit us. This is why Africa is finding it difficult to cope. It’s unfortunate some Africans see this knowledge as evil but there’s nothing we can do about it. We will continue. Some of the students we have are catching up but we need to understand the relevance of what we’re talking about.

What effort have you made to sell this idea to our leaders, especially those in political office?

Religion has destroyed the psyche of our political leaders because whether you like it or not, no country can grow beyond the knowledge of its citizens. That is what is happening in Africa. Our current education system is poor. Our religious education is very poor and there’s a limit to what they have given to us. So we cannot grow beyond what religion has given to us. That’s the problem we’re having. Only very few of our leaders know about this knowledge. They will not be able, that is why you see us going to the grassroot to tell people that there is something God deposited in them and that they should come let’s develop it. If we’re waiting for political leaders, it will be difficult, unless later. May be we can sponsor our sons to hold political offices and then use them to serve and pass this message to the grassroot. But for now, our political leaders who are in the church system will find it very difficult to associate with us. The church sees this knowledge as satanic because it is against their teaching.
For instance, the church is telling you that without Jesus you cannot access God, which is not correct. You don’t need Jesus to access God. God deposited himself inside of you. The shortest route to God is inside of you, not Jesus. And if we’re saying this, which is scientific, that you can reach God without passing through any person, it means that we’re closing the church business. So the church will do everything humanly possible to frustrate this knowledge because many people are making huge fortunes because of the falsehood which is coming out of the church. So, the church will fight us tooth and nail to see that we do not succeed. Our leaders who are also from the church system will support them.

Jesus said he is the way, the truth and the life; that no one comes to the father except through him. But you just said that we don’t need Jesus to access God. Are you not contradicting his statement?

The bible is coded. All the twelve holy books are coded. The twelve holy books are meant to attract three main persons: the average person, the clever person and the intelligent person. That was why when Master Jesus came, he was always speaking in parable. After speaking to the crowd in parable, he will come back and explain the meaning to his disciples. The bible is coded. That statement he made, he was not referring to himself as a person. Jesus was referring to the Christ in you the hope of all glory. In every person, the knowledge of the soul is also Christ consciousness. All of us have Christ in us. Christ energy was what Jesus was referring to, not himself as a person. Nobody can pass through any master to God –not even through Krishna, as great as he was, as great as Bhuddha was; these are Lords. Even Jesus Christ himself was master, he was not a Lord. Though now he’s a Lord, because he has taken the seventh initiation. So, you can call him Lord Jesus now.

But some people were calling him Lord then?

Yes, but remember he also warned against it because he knew he was not a Lord as at that time. He was just a master. Even when they were calling him good master, he told them not to call him good because he knew at that time that he was just a disciple –he had not taken the masterhood initiation. He said the only person who is good is God. Now, you don’t need Krishna, you don’t need Bhuddha, you don’t need Jesus, you don’t need Guru Maharaji, you don’t need O.O. Obu, you don’t need even Moses; you don’t need Prophet Mohammed, to access God. The link to God is inside you. You only need them as a guide. Their teaching is there to guide you. They’re like a ladder. You take the ladder and return to God but what the Christians are doing is that they left the ladder that Jesus brought and are pleading his name, pleading his blood. That’s the mistake they’re making. The ladder is there waiting for them to climb yet they’re not climbing the ladder.

What is the ladder?

The ladder is self realisation. Jesus said so. Seek you first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you. He said ‘go and search, go and discover,’ because that kingdom of God represents all the good attributes of God. As soon as you get it, you don’t need any other thing. But today, Christians have abandoned his prayer which still remains the greatest prayer in the world. You see Christians asking for the fruit of the womb, asking for a car. These are nonsense.
The Lord’s prayer still remains the best prayer in the world for Christians – even for Muslims – to pray. ‘Our Father who art in heaven…’ You see, Jesus didn’t say himself. He said his ‘father in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come…’ The kingdom of God to come on earth is kingdom of peace, kingdom of joy, kingdom of love. ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…’ because in heaven you cannot fight, you cannot cry. ‘Give us this day…’ He didn’t say: ‘Give me.’ ‘Forgive us our trespasses…’ but there’s a caveat: ‘As we forgive those who trespass against us…’Do we forgive? We don’t forgive because we’re evil. That’s why we don’t pray the prayer. ‘And lead us not into temptation…’ He didn’t say ‘Lead me…’ You can see that’s a universal prayer. If God does not allow me and you to go into temptation – because it takes two to tango- it means there will be peace on earth.
But the Christians have rejected that prayer. Rather, they’re praying for car, fruit of the womb, private jet. But the truth is that you don’t need Jesus to access God. This is the age of worshipping God in spirit and truth. Okay, let me tell you: Jesus’ message has three phases. The first message was to remove the Israelites from the Hammurabi laws. Every truth has a life span. By the time Jesus came, those Hammurabi laws have expired. So, to first remove the Israelites from that law, they have to focus on Jesus. That lasted for about five hundred years. The second phase is now to study the word. That one has already expired on 31st December, 1999. We’re now in the phase of worshipping God in spirit and truth and it’s by meditation. It’s not by calling Jesus again – that one is no longer needed.

But how did you know all these?

Well, this is the training. Can you give what you don’t have? I have a school, registered by the federal government of Nigeria, to teach this knowledge to Nigerians. Government tested me. I went for twenty-nine interviews at C.A.C. (Corporate Affairs Commission). From C.A.C. I was transferred to Federal Ministry of Education. From Federal Ministry of Education I was transferred to the Attorney-General’s office. The Director of Corporate Affairs, the Director of Federal Ministry of Education and the Attorney-General interviewed me the same day. They asked me to defend my course and I did. In fact, when I went into the office to defend my project, the Attorney-General, Aondoakaa, asked me: ‘’Are you the Wehere they’re talking about? I thought I was going to see one bearded old man. You’re the Monday Wehere?’’ I said ‘yes.’ He said: ‘’What do you want to do with all this? You’re a young man; go and look for what to do with your life.’’ I said: ‘’No sir. This is my calling.’’ He said: ‘’Your calling? Okay.’’ Then, interview started. They fired and fired and at a point, they got convinced I had something to offer. They then asked Federal Ministry of Education to take me back to their office and to sign an undertaking that I was not going to teach witchcraft. As soon as I signed that, they asked C.A.C. to give me certificate. Today, I have my licence.

You said that we don’t need Jesus to access God. But the bible says that Jesus died for us and is now our mediator before God. Jesus also said that no one can come to the Father except by him. How can you reconcile all that?

The teaching that Jesus died for us is complete falsehood. It’s sophistry. Moses was the first man who begged God to allow him die for the Israelites. He went to the mountain, the Israelites misbehaved and when he came back, he saw the evil they committed. Moses now told God: ’If I was there, these people would not have committed this sin; let me die for their mistake.’ God said: ‘No, they have their senses. They should have known that what they were doing was evil.’ God told Moses: ‘I will not punish you. I’m going to punish them.’ God refused to allow Moses die for them. He even went further to say in Ezekiel chapter 18 verse 4 that ‘the soul that sinneth, it shall die.
If you go further to the new testament, this same preaching came. Apostle Peter was preaching remission of sin –Acts 2:38; 4:12. Paul was always countering him, saying that ‘’Be not deceived; God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap.’’ (Gal 6:7). He was always countering Peter. Peter was not educated like Paul. Pau was a mystic; he was Kabalistic; he was a philosopher; he was a lawyer. He even told Apostle Peter that God has no respect for any person. Even John the Beloved, in the book of Revelation chapter 13 verse 10 summed it up thus: ‘’He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity; he that killeth with the sword must – he didn’t say may, he said must – be killed with the sword….’’
So, who is contradicting who? Are you not seeing that bible is contradicting itself? In one side it tells you that Jesus died for your sin; the same bible tells you that whatever you sow you shall reap. And then the same Jesus, when he was alive (on earth) told us: ‘’Carry your cross and follow me.’’ So what is the death he has died for your sin? There’s nothing like that. It’s just sophistry. You know, church is mentally lazy. It’s like 419. Church was started with falsehood, from beginning to the end. I will tell you six major lies which constitute the foundation of the church and which do not make sense. Number one: They said Jesus was God. That doesn’t make sense,; Jesus was not God. When a woman gives birth to a child and sheds blood on the child’s head, it’s not a perfect child. Mary shed blood on Jesus’ head. That nullifies his immaculate conception. And when a child comes through the womb of a woman, there must be sperm or artificial insemination of sperm. For a child to be conceived in the womb, there must be sex. If there’s no sex, there must be artificial insemination of sperm. So, Joseph had sex with Mary. There are no two ways about that. There’s no other word I will use. That is it.

But according to the bible, the angel told Mary that the holy spirit would come upon her?

No, no, no. All that is sophistry. As great as Melchizedech was, was he immaculately conceived? Jesus worshipped Melchizedech and referred to him as the Prince of the Most High God. But he was not immaculately conceived.

But bible didn’t tell us how he was conceived. What the bible told us was that he had no father and mother?

That’s how Jesus should have come too. He shouldn’t have passed through a woman’s womb. There’s nowhere in the history of human evolution that a child passes through a woman’s womb without sperm. It’s not possible. God is the creator. God could manufacture Jesus and throw him to us. That was why the Jews were confused. The Jews were expecting Jesus to come through the sky. They had gone to build the most expensive gate in the world and it’s still there in Jerusalem till today, only for Jesus to be born in a manger. The Jews were expecting the messiah that was coming to fight their oppressors, not a messiah that was coming to die for their sins and the sins of their enemies. Because they couldn’t understand the thing, there was conflict. All they’ve been expecting for the past three thousand years is a messiah coming to deal with their oppressors, only for the messiah to come, he’s dying for the sins of their enemies. The Jews could not understand this. So, Jesus wasn’t God; Jesus wasn’t immaculately conceived. Jesus was human; he ate food, went to toilet and stooled. He was human, unless you’re saying he didn’t eat food, he didn’t go to toilet. But if you follow all these processes, then you’re human.

But the bible says the holy spirit came upon Mary and she conceived without meeting with Joseph. Are you now saying the bible is lying?

Of course there are so many distortions in the bible. The bible was written by people. Did God speak to anybody?

The bible says all scripture was written by inspiration of God. If they were inspired by God, does it not mean that what they wrote was correct?

Well, it depends on the type of God you’re talking about. Are you’re talking of the Almighty God where even no mortal can near? Are you talking of God which is an imaginary being worshipped by a group of people? If you’re talking of that, okay. But the Almighty God, who created heaven and earth, no mortal can come near him. Only masters and avatars can go near him. The Almighty God cannot use a mortal to write a book. That’s not possible. The only God you can be talking about is – maybe – an imaginary God which you see in you as God and you begin to write what he’s telling you. It’s the same thing with the Qu’ran; same thing with the Lotus Sutra. All the religious books are written that way. Almighty God, the creator of the universe, is not involved in the writing of any holy book. Mark that today. If you say God, fine. The God of Arabs is involved in the Qu’ran; the God of India is responsible for the Bhagavad Gita. These are imaginary beings which a group of people have taken as their God. Even in Africa, our deities which are the smaller gods, work. Go and swear to Amadioha that if you steal public money you will die; if you steal it, you will die. Go to Amadioha in Etche or even your village head. Let your village head bring Ofor and you lie on the ground and swear that if you ‘steal public fund or take bribe, let me die,’ you will die. Ofor is still very effective. All these things carry power –the power that you and I have transferred to them. We consecrate them. You can consecrate me. I can make you people now to consecrate me and you people will now see me as a great person. As a great person, you will see me as God and transfer that power to me, and as you see me as God, anything I do –even if I lay hand on you- you will get result. That is why a pastor that can heal on the pulpit cannot heal outside the pulpit. Take him outside and ask him to pray for the person, nothing will happen. I have just given you that secret.
Another falsehood is that Jesus is coming to take you to heaven. It has never happened in the history of human evolution for a master to take somebody to heaven. I have never heard of that. As great as Herculis, as great as Hermis, as great as Krishna, as great as Ramah – these are great avatars. Even Enoch; as great as Enoch, even Melchizedech, they didn’t take anybody to heaven.
So, how will Jesus come and take you to heaven? In any case, he told us when he was going: ‘’In my father’s house there are many mansions. If it were not so, I wouldn’t have told you that I go to prepare a place for you.’’ You go to where you deserve. Everybody has a level. All of us cannot be on the same spiritual qualification. I go to where I deserve. You go to where you deserve.

Where is Jesus Christ now?

He’s now a cosmic logo. You can call him Lord now because he has taken the seventh initiation. He’s now on a higher cosmic assignment but he can’t come back to earth again.

But he said he will come again.

Have you also read the scriptures of the Orient, which also say that by this time, China will become a world power and in fact, colonise Africa? It’s happening now. There’s a video I saw this morning and I almost wept. China is taking over the whole African continent. China is now in charge of the economy of Africa. It’s also predicted in their own holy books that by this time they will recolonise Africa. They’re already doing it.

Which of the holy books?

The Bhagavad Gita, the Zend Avesta, the Lotus Sutra, the Tao Te Cheng, all of them. They predicted that China will take over Africa. Is it not happening now? Are you not eating indomie? Is indomie your food? Do you eat Akpu (foofoo) again? In fact, US (United States) is afraid of China now. That’s why US is trying to slow down the population of Africa by bringing all these contraceptives. China is dealing with America with population. China can overrun America. If not for Donald Trump, we would have said bye bye to Christianity twenty years from now. Because of Trump, Christianity can still survive for the next fifty years. But if that lady (Hilary Clinton) had won, Christianity would have disappeared in the next twenty years. It would have disappeared completely because, already in Europe, they have wiped Christianity away. In Africa, it’s the same thing. It’s gradually coming to Nigeria now. In the North East, Christianity is gone. You’re even afraid to say you’re a Christian in the North East. Now, they have entered the Middle Belt. Christians in the Middle Belt now are living in fear. Come to the South-South and South East. The number of mosques in Imo State is uncountable. The number of mosques in Rivers State is uncountable. And this our religious dogma of one man one wife is what is affecting Christianity. Unless Christians remove that man-made dogma and allow Christians to marry as many wives as possible, in the next fifty years, Islam will wipe away Christianity from the surface of the earth the way they did in Europe; they way they did in Turkey. They wiped Christianity away from Turkey. In Lebanon, in fact, in the whole of Middle East, if there are Christians there, they won’t be up to ten percent, if at all we have. The few there can’t talk. This is the time we should have said that Jesus is real. They said at the mention of his name every knee shall bow but they have not bowed in the Middle East. They have not even bowed in the North East here. I’ve never heard a Boko Haram terrorist confess that as he was going to kill a Christian, Jesus arrested him. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Then the third one: God does not forgive sin. Whatever you sow, you reap. What God has done is that he has made provision for you to pay for any amount of sin you commit. That’s what people misconstrue as God forgiving sin and being merciful. God is not merciful. If I carry gun now and enter a market and kill people, I will pay for it. If I kill ten persons, even if they kill me, I’ll still pay for the other nine persons.

How will the person pay?

Nature will have a way of working it out. That’s how nature does it. You can’t run away from it. Then the last falsehood is that the day you become born again, all your sins are washed away. There’s nothing like that. However. That day you repented and stopped doing bad, you’re now a new person. You’re no longer adding to your karma. But you see the ones you did yesterday, you will pay. If you’re very lucky, you might harvest them now but if you’re not lucky, you will harvest them in your next life. When you start harvesting, you won’t know where the problem is coming from. ‘God dey. God dey,’ which is poor man’s prayer, will become your daily chant.

In essence, are you saying that Jesus is not coming again?

No, he’s not coming again. There’s what we call the advent of the Christ. Every religion is expecting the second coming of their founder. The Hindus are expecting the Lord Krishna or the Lord Gadi. Bhuddists are expecting the Lord Bodhisatva or the Lord Bhudda. Muslims are expecting the Imam Mahdi. The Jews – of course they never believed that their messiah has come. They’re still expecting their messiah for the first time, not even the second time. And of course, Christians are expecting the second coming of Jesus. The mystics too –the Esotericists – are expecting the world teacher, the master of all masters. All these refer to the advent of Christ.

So, who is that Christ? Is he different from Jesus?

He’s different completely. In the East (Asia), he’s known as the Lord Maitreya. In the West (Europe and America) he’s known as the Christ. He will come. In fact, he has reappeared but until there’s little measure of peace and tolerance, he won’t reappear publicly. Britain is frustrating the second reappearance of Christ now. Britain is trying to pull out of EU (European Union). You know Britain has a major role to play in the amalgamation of Europe. Now, Britain pulling out is another setback for Christ to reappear, otherwise by now he would have reappeared because Ted Turner (owner of CNN) was sent to come and prepare the way for the reappearance of the Christ. That’s why CNN was established. CNN is to beam the Christ live from the Himalayas – that is the sky the bible talks about. Ted Turner is a master. He came to prepare the way for the Christ. But the way Britain is behaving now, they’re frustrating the work of the Christ. What they (Masters) have started doing is to overshadow disciples all over the world. People like us are talking now, trying to break the cleavages.
He (Christ) is overshadowing people all over the world, in every nook and cranny, preparing the mind of people, so that when he eventually comes, you will not be surprised. He’s not going to come in the way the bible puts it. He will remain in the Himalayas and CNN will just beam him live. When he’s talking, it will be hitting your heart level. When he talks, it’s like a stone. His message transforms. As you listen, it changes your system. In fact, his words can purge you. If you’re still stubborn –he’s talking and you’re disagreeing – you can even die, because the thing will purge you and you will run to toilet.

Are you saying he’s a being and will reappear as a being?

Yes. But no human being, no woman can carry his body again (in the womb). I repeat: No human being can carry the body of the Christ coming. He’s coming with mayavirupa’s body- that’s what they call it in the East (Asia). It means light. When you look at the body, you will be seeing light in it. You can’t stone him; you can’t do him anything.

You mean that people will be watching him speak on CNN?


So, how is CNN going to beam him? Will they go to him in the Himalayas?

Ted Turner knows. Even if Ted Turner dies before that day, they will know what to do.

Where is the Himalayas?

It’s in the Gobi desert. It’s a kingdom of its own; it’s where the masters live. Mortals don’t go there. You must be a master to be able to go there. It’s called Gobi desert. You know, as a master, you’re already etheralised. They don’t need human flesh to operate. They can see themselves. That’s another life entirely, another body entirely. When you meditate, sometimes you can go there. Sometimes you can be privileged to fellowship with them. All is in pure white. I don’t know that kind of white they wear, whether it’s uniform, I don’t know. It looks like uniform but to me, it’s not uniform.

Is it different from heaven?

Yes, it’s completely different. Heaven will be created here on earth. That is why the New Jerusalem – the golden city- should have been built in America but with the transfer of America’s embassy to Jerusalem, I don’t know what the masters have in mind. It’s a major twist. I don’t know if it’s going to be two.
But, again, don’t forget: we have two distinct races – the Occident and the Orient. The Occident has no blood link with the Orient. That’s another problem you should also look at. All these things we’re talking about have nothing to do with the Orient. They have their own blood lineage. They have no relationship with us. They didn’t come from the Adamic story. They don’t have the Adamic blood in them as the bible puts it. They have their own bloodline completely different from us. So, that’s another complex matter you should look into.

Does it mean that some of these prophecies may be only for the Occident?

Yes, they may be for the Occident alone. That’s why even when Jesus came two thousand years ago, they didn’t know. When Jesus came, he was so unpopular. In fact, they were only hearing that somebody was speaking against the state. That was the information they heard. They said ‘Okay, how do we get him?’

What’s your final word?

Finally, Africa is backward. God endowed every man with special talents and potentials. America is great because people in America are building America with their talents. China is great because the Chinese are using their talents to build China. Africa is not great because we’re not using our talents to build Africa. So, the essence of this training is to encourage our people to awaken the dormant giant in them, bring it out, develop themselves, their country and make the world a better place. What we do now is by internet training, whatsapp and so on.

Where is your office?

In mobile school, you don’t need office. Everything is mobile. All the tutorials have been arranged. At whatever level you are, we just send your lesson to you. It has been well structured; that’s what we’re doing for now. We believe that the number of people we have trained, in the next few years, when they begin to demonstrate the knowledge, Africa will begin to experience greatness. My message to the youths of Africa is that they should know that God deposited in them enormous powers and that by the way God created man, no man should lack. Nobody is unemployed, both the able and disabled, God gave all of us special gifts. For instance, the man who invented the Braille for reading was blind and a blind man can become a doctor today; a blind man can become a lawyer. So, if a man who was blind could invent a Braille to train a lawyer, it then means that nobody is supposed to be unemployed. So, Africans should begin to search inside them. There’s something God deposited inside them –that thing is lying waste. They need to begin to awaken it for their economic survival and to uplift humanity and glorify God. If they don’t know how to go about it, they should not be afraid to come to us; we will teach them how to go about it.

Thank you sir.

You’re welcome.