A Review Of ‘Light In The Dark’ The Movie

Florence Uwaeme

‘Light in the Dark’ is a movie that focuses on the challenges of an inter-ethnic couple, who were able to conquer the pressures from both of their families amidst the jealousy, envy and betrayal of a supposed friend.

After eleven years of marriage with just a female child, Arinze’s mother who never really accepted Jumoke as her daughter-in-law (because she is from a different ethnic group) never ceases to remind her of how she is the reason she is yet to have a grandson. The couple, Arinze (Kalu Ikeagwu) and Jumoke (Rita Dominic) were a happy couple until one dark night ordeal master-minded by her supposed friend Amina(Kiki Omeili) put a strain on their relationship which could only be remedied by the light of love.

The movie is not far from the usual narrative attainable in Nollywood stories. The actors were great. They were able to fuss with the characters they portrayed wonderfully.

What I am yet to come to terms with is why scriptwriters and directors alike still infuse the idea of a male child being more important than a female child in their narratives in this twenty-first century. This is what makes the movie bland. The way Arinze’s mother scuffs at Jumoke, the way she always blamed her for being a career woman instead of having grandsons for her. This makes the movie lack any iota of contemporary.

When Jumoke moved out of the house, Arinze didn’t try hard enough to get his wife back knowing what she went through. I think his silence was the reason the strain on their relationship lingered.

The sound and cinematography weren’t top notches as there were soundless scenes and blurry scenes.

I like the fact that the Nigerian police force was portrayed in a rather reformed way. If only this will be attainable in real life.

The film is directed by Ekene Som Mekwunye and produced by Brandi Callum, Ekene Som Mekwunye and Chidinma Uzodike. It is set in the cities of Lagos and Enugu.


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