Mixed Reactions Trail The Just Concluded BBNaija Auditions

Florence Uwaeme

The just-concluded BBNaija reality T.V audition which held at different cities across the country has been trailed by mixed reactions from the general public.

While some tweeps showed concern over the urge of Nigerian youths to escape poverty by thronging the audition grounds in great numbers, those in Abuja complained about the traffic caused by the auditionees at their small office used as the audition venue.

Some other tweeps were amazed that the same youths that thronged the audition venues as early as 4:00am, stood for hours without complaining find it hectic to go to INEC offices to pick up their PVCs.

Some facebook users claimed that the auditions were just for formality sake. They argued that the organizers of the show have already hand-picked some people they want in the house already. One asked if there has been any case of where anyone had seen any housemate at any audition.

Is this a good sign or is it something that Nigerian leaders should be ashamed of? Considering that ASUU and ASUP have been on strike for over two months now and the people who should be bothered are busy gallivanting from one state to another in the name of campaigns.

The purported leaders of tomorrow have been out of school and no one cares. What does it say about us?

At one of the audition venues, it was reported that some people fainted and were rushed to the nearest clinic.

The show is said to be held here in Nigeria- which will make it the first BBNaija show to be held in Nigeria.


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