Rivers health professionals warn of imminent cholera outbreak

Health professionals in Rivers State say the state is expected to experience a rise in malaria and cholera outbreak following perennial flooding in some parts of the state.

The State Chairperson, Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists, Ibitoroko George-Opuda said cases of malaria alone are expected to rise beyond 7.3 percent and advised residents in the state to take sanitation and personal hygiene seriously.

She said, “residents shouldn’t see sanitation as a monthly thing but daily. They should desist from throwing refuse into drains and avoid stagnant water around them.”

George-Opuda also called on government at all levels to construct more drainages in the state and prevail on people not to build on water channels.

“It is more expensive to cure the scourge of malaria and cholera as well as other water-borne diseases than to prevent them” the association chairperson added.


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