2019: MOSOP throws weight behind governor of Ogoni extraction

……Says Ogonis have been marginalized for 50 years.

The movement for the survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has called on all concerned democrats, well-meaning Nigerians and socio-activists in the state to support and show solidarity that will facilitate justice for the Ogoni people’s participation in the state’s political process.

President of MOSOP, Legborsi Pyagbara who made this call in Port Harcourt said the Ogoni ethnic nationality have long been marginalized and abused of rights of participation in the state’s political climate.

He noted that time has come to stop political marginalization of the Ogonis and promote adequate community representation of the Ogoni people.

“It will interest you to know that 51 years after the creation of Rivers state, 28 years after the launch of Ogoni pillar of rise, the Ogonis continue to be marginalised in the political affairs of Rivers state.

“It is indeed troubling to know that since the creation of Rivers state in 1967 no Ogoni son or daughter have been elected to serve as governor or deputy governor of the state, chief judge of the state judiciary, speaker of the state assembly.

“This same situation applies to the military era. There was no Ogoni appointee as military governor or sole administrator during the 27 years of military rule in Nigeria.

“It’s an undeniable fact that there cannot be effective participation in a true democracy without the corresponding adequate representation at all levels of authority and governance.

“The continued denial of Ogoni people from representing at these levels shows that discrimination, injustices and political impunity also affect the geographical of genuine and inclusive democracy”

Legborsi further urged all eligible Ogoni sons and daughters to aspire for elective political positions in any political party of their choices.

“Everyone of us can erect the status of political justice for the Ogoni by supporting any Ogoni man to emerge as the flag bearer in any political party for governorship position. We call on the Ogoni sons and daughters to come out and present themselves for the position of governor of Rivers state. Political positions will not be given when there are no Ogoni aspirants; faith and time has confirmed that this is Ogoni’s moment”

He also called the attention of the federal government to extend honorary recognition award given to late MKO Abiola to Late Ken Saro Wiwa and all the Ogonis who died alongside with him.