Man announces own death on facebook to dupe family of funeral funds

Thai man Tachawit Janngiw had his wife post three photos of his “dead body” on Facebook on Sunday complete with cotton wool up his nose to add a touch of realism that he was dead.

“Last photo before deactivating his Facebook. Love you,” she wrote on the, telling concerned friends that she died of both a cancer and asthma.

When people began asking why he had not previously displayed any symptoms of illness, she replied “pretended he was okay all along”, the Coconuts Bangkok website reported.

She then called her husband’s mother, who lives in Lampang province, demanding cash

The grief-stricken family wired £450 to her to pay for a coffin and vehicle to take his body back to his home.

The family began making funeral arrangements and contacted a temple in preparation for the body arriving the next day.

But when neither the corpse nor the body arrived, Tachawit’s cousin called his mobile.

After answering, he quickly hung up after realizing who was on the other end.

The story has now became public and was covered on the national news in Thailand.

Tachawit’s mother told the Morning News: “She said she didn’t have money to prepare the body, so I sent her money on that same day.”

Though the family have lost the £1400 funeral costs, she said she doesn’t bear a grudge against him.

Friends were, however, less forgiving pointing out Tachawit’s alleged long history of lying and deceit.

Warit Meechochai said that included stealing the wallet of a friend on their way to donate a large sum of money to a temple.

A former classmate who donated to wreath for the funeral was more forthright.

“You bastard, we regret going to school with you. We are hurt by this. Don’t ever let me see you again. Go to hell.”