Port Harcourt: I sleep with other men because my husband is impotent, our children are not his.

An Ahaoda Magistrate Court has adjourned till August 1, the divorce suit brought before it by a woman, Beauty Nathaniel against her husband, Odinye Nathaniel according to News agency of Nigeria.

Beauty in her suit accused her husband of neglect and battery. She added that he failed to satisfy her in bed.

She thus prayed the court to dissolve their 12-year-old marriage and grant her custody of their two children who she stated were not her husband’s.

Odinye who did not admit to claim also claimed paternity of the two children.

The presiding magistrate, Kingsley Ewum after listening to both parties stated that more evidence would be needed. He thus adjourned the case and ordered the couple to appear in court with their children, parents and eyewitnesses

Beauty, stating her evidence before the court, said: “My lord, I’m tired of my husband and our wedlock because he never ceases to beat me.

“He beats me because I often challenge him to live up to his expectation as a man, and then as the head of the home. He neglects me and doesn’t bother whether I eat or put a decent dress on while we share no intimacy as husband and wife.

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“He accuses me of being unfaithful to him. My lord I admit that this is true because he has failed to satisfy my sexual need. I need someone who will dot on me and give me total attention. I deserve to be happy and have therefore sought for happiness outside home.

“My lord, the truth is that my husband is impotent. I have not enjoyed sex with him since we got married. He lies beside me like a log of wood every night while I burn.

“I’m declaring before the court today that he’s not the father of our two children; he’s not capable of fathering a child.

“I no more love him. I, therefore, want to leave his house and start life all over again. I pray the court to grant me custody of the two children because they are not his.”

“’I don’t agree to claim my lord, ”Odinye said.

“Those two children are mine. She lied that I’m impotent. I have impregnated two women at two different occasions but asked them to terminate the pregnancies because I wasn’t interested in marrying them.

“Despite playing my role adequately as husband and father, she still flirts around.

“I bought her a car and also put her in charge of our building project since my job demands travelling a lot. She was actually the one handling the money meant for the project.

“There was no time I denied her what was necessary to live a comfortable life. I tried to satisfy her to the best of my ability, “the defendant said.