Security agencies should assist in combating soot menace – Da-Wariboko

Federal security agencies in Rivers state have been called upon to assist in combating the menace of soot in the state.

Chairman Association of General & Private Medical Practitioner of Nigeria, Dr. Kanneth Da-wariboko who spoke to TPCN correspondent Tina Stephen, said if soot is not urgently tackled, the populace will come down with cancerous diseases.

According to him, the incessant burning of ceased illegal refined crude oil by security officers also contributes to the emission of soot.

He urged the security agencies to take the fight against soot seriously, as it is a health threat to Rivers residents.

“the mangrove in the riverine areas are dying off, soot is a thick smoke and it settles on water making it not good for consumption. People who do it are happy that they are making money not minding the health risk involved. It can affect their immediate relation in the form of kidney, lungs and so many other diseases. I advice that they stop.

“Anyone posted to Rivers state for security issue wouldn’t want to go to another area of posting because of their personal gain. Its time people begin to consider the health of Rivers people at stake”

Dr. Da-wariboko also opined that the solution to the menace is the building of modular refinery.

“What the state government is doing is not enough. Federal government should come into play. We heard that government has approved modular refineries. If these modular refineries are in operation and its able to eradicate these illegal refineries, then there will be a stop to soot. A lot of damage has been done already, the longterm and short term effect of building modular refineries will help us greatly”