The major security concern about Google interconnected Apps is that one saved password can give you access to plenty saved passwords. For some of us who are too lazy to remember all login details and passwords, we give Google that job. It’s so easy, stress free but this is biggest backdoor for you to get hacked. Before now, anyone who have access to your device can look up your google account password(s) from password view once your password have been saved on that device before. They can go ahead and view all your saved password. But Google has changed all that right now!

Security wise, Google is good, very good, they re-branded saved passwords to Smart Lock! They just improved the security measured required to view saved password. The problem most times, we do not take enough care to maintain strong security measures at all times. Now Google will not let you use a saved password to login to, you’ll type it in afresh and you will get an instant email notification once you do.


Google Chrome browser can remember your saved passwords and sync them across all your signed in devices. This means that your saved passwords can be accessed from any other device. Before now, you can access saved passwords once you have logged in before from the device. From the settings, click on saved passwords, select view and manage passwords at After the security update, you can no longer view passwords with already saved password – that option has been removed. You must enter the google account password afresh to view all saved passwords. That’s not all! Google will now send you an instant notification anytime your credential is used to login at



First, I don’t  advice people to store sensitive password online. But if you do, you must take strict security measures to ensure that all the devices that you signed into your Google account or any other account you used to store password is locked. I know some of us do neglect some mails from google about our accounts but emails about viewed passwords should be taken very seriously.