10 lies we believed in life

You feel you have seen all in life and nothing can surprise you anymore; then comes the mindblowing facts that Owls have long legs or Egypt doesn’t have the most pyramids. Then it dawns on you that everything you believed is a lie.

Here are some facts that will leave your mouth hanging open and will most likely turn your world upside down.

  1. Commercials use inedible products to make food look more appealing during the advertisement.11 (Mostly) Inedible Ingredients Photographers Use to Get Food Ready for Its Close-Up | Mental FlossMashed potatoes usually substitute ice cream to make it look more appealing in an advertisement. Glue is usually used instead of milk, and hamburgers are covered with shoe polish.
  2. Egypt is not the country with the most pyramid.11 Best Tour Companies for Your Trip to EgyptMost pyramids in the world are situated in Sudan, scientists say. The total number of pyramids on its territory is almost 255, twice as many as in Egypt.
  3. Mice don’t like cheese.Do mice really like cheese: Fact or Fiction? | EarthKindContrary to popular beliefs, a new study reveals that mice actually like things with much higher sugar content, such as grains and fruit. Cheese is something that would not be available to them in their natural environment.
  4. Not all potato chips are 100% potatoes.13 Proofs That Our Life Is a LieThe secret of smooth and even chips is that they’re only 40% potato flakes, while the rest is starch, flour, and water. All the ingredients are mixed and pressed in special moulds. Traditional chips are thin potato slices fried in oil, and you can recognize them by their uneven edges and texture.
  5. Owls have long legsSurprise! This Owl's long legs have internet users shocked | Metro NewsEveryone knows owls can turn their heads at a 270° angle, but their long legs were discovered by accident: someone just decided to lift the bird a little.
  6. Flying moths don’t eat your clothes.How Do You Know You Have a Moth Problem? – Apartment ABCGrown moths don’t make holes in clothes: their offspring do. A moth is only born and lives to lay down its eggs into fur, which then hatch, and ravenous little maggots start eating the clothes.
  7. A defibrillator can’t restart a stopped heart.Can A Defibrillator Restart A Stopped Heart? | AED USAWhen a heart is pumping irregularly or too quickly, a defibrillator is used to correct the rhythm. A stopped heart can be restarted only by immediate heart massage or CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
  8. The Earth isn’t round.13 Proofs That Our Life Is a LieThe Earth is an irregularly shaped ellipsoid. However, even an ellipsoid does not adequately describe the Earth’s unique and ever-changing shape. It has the shape of a geoid, but this information is reserved for people who aren’t adepts at the Flat Earth hypotheses.
  9. Coke tastes different in its different packages.13 Proofs That Our Life Is a LieTaste is affected by a whole number of factors, including touch and smell. The same drink in different vessels will taste different too. Sara Risch, a food chemist, thinks that polymers covering the insides of aluminium can may absorb part of the taste and smell, while glass is chemically inert (it has no taste nor smell). This is probably why Coke in glass bottles is considered the most delicious. Which kind is your favourite?
  10. How towels are stacked in storesBed Bath And Beyond's Towers Of Towels Are A Beautifully Folded Lie – ConsumeristSome stores use all kinds of tricks for marketing or just plain convenience. This is an example of an anti-theft solution: you have to call a shop assistant to bring you the item you’d like to buy.

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