Rivers govt to Jackrich: Miscreants, riffraff and criminals can’t speak for Kalabari people

Office of the Secretary to the Rivers State Government has described the leader of a pressure group, Kengema Unity Forum, Sobomabo Jackrich as a loose cannon and chatterbox looking for attention.

This follows a statement by the group accusing the state government of injustice against the Kalabari people.

Juliana Masi, press officer in the office of the SSG, Tammy Danagogo said that if Sobomabo Jackrich wants to be a compatriot of Kalabari kingdom, he should first show us his credentials and pedigree before advising any statutory authority talk less of the Rivers State Government.

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Our attention has been drawn to an online statement titled: Halt Perpetuation of Injustice Against Kalabari People – KUF to Rivers State Government in which a self-styled leader of the group, one Sobomabo Jackrich expressed unprecedented ineptitude.

The statement which is apparently referring to the recent contract award of Trans-Kalabari Road construction by His Excellency, Governor Nyesom Wike, CON. and a recent media briefing the Secretary to the State Government, Dr Tammy Danagogo, had with journalists in Port Harcourt, can best be described as a total display of rascality and illiteracy.

Sobomabo’s statement and enquiries merely exhibit his naivety in bureaucratic processes and governance.

The SSG will not respond to loose cannons and chatterboxes like Sobomabo Jackrich who is desperately seeking unmerited relevance through the wrong channels of calumny, denigration and deprecation of government.

While speaking to the media on the said day, the SSG responded to a question on Alhaji Asari Dokubo’s Biafra declaration and said that he lacks the capacity to foist a secessionist agenda on Rivers State and does not speak for Rivers State or Kalabari as an Ex-militant and Warlord.

Answering other questions, he also talked about other individuals like miscreants, riffraff and criminals (particularly kidnappers, illegal oil bunkerers, sea-pirates, armed robbers etc) who pretend to talk for Kalabari people.

Whereas Alhaji Asari may be described as an ex-militant and warlord, Sobomabo cannot be so described. He knows where he belongs. He should look at his track record and properly place himself. Sobomabo should therefore not elevate and glorify himself by alleging that the SSG described him in the same category and pedestal with Alhaji Dokubo.

The SSG has always maintained and will continue to insist that the Rivers State Government will always discountenance the rantings of miscreants, riffraffs, criminals, kidnappers, sea-pirates, armed robbers and those who involve themselves in illegal oil bunkering, and expect such characters never to be comfortable with his principled stance. Of course, when dry bones are mentioned, the very old and dry folks are expected to be worried.

If Sobomabo Jackrich wants to be a compatriot of Kalabari kingdom, he should first show us his credentials and pedigree before advising any statutory authority talk less of the Rivers State Government. You cannot speak for an elitist tribe like the Kalabari’s or advise the State Government if you cannot show us any work you have done in your life, whoever engaged your services anywhere and which schools you have ever attended.

He should note that the Government and good people of Kalabari nationality will not condescend so low to his boorish level in issues of bureaucracy and governance.

We also advise the sound minds of Kalabari extraction to discountenance Sobomabo’s frivolous statements that amount to nothing for development and economic advancement of the Kalabari Kingdom.

The Trans-Kalabari Road construction has been affirmatively received by all well-meaning Kalabari sons and daughters across all socio-political divides with much appreciation and accolades to His Excellency, Governor Nyesom Wike for his efforts and dexterity in executing this laudable project at this time.