APC has not done anything for Rivers State – Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has slammed the Maiduguri-Port Harcourt narrow gauge rail line which will be flagged off this week, saying that it is not what the state needs.

He explained that his development programme is implemented to create a conducive environment that offers Rivers people more opportunities to actualise their potentials.

Governor Wike made the explanation at the inauguration of the Rumuji -Ibaa-Obelle -Isiopko Road, which was performed by the former Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido, on Monday.

Governor Wike said the Rumuji -Ibaa-Obelle -Isiopko Road has been used as a political campaign by politicians who will promise to rehabilitate it if the people supports them, but will fail to fulfil such promise when elections were over.

According to him, he was convinced of the appropriateness to open up the area when he promised to reconstruct the road if they supported him.

“I’m sure, all those from Isiopko, Obele, Ibaa and Rumuji, will look back and reflect on how this road was. Do not forget it easily.
“Today, all of us can come back home. All of us can go to the market. We can all drive freely; those from Isiopko can pass through and go to Emohua. Those from Rumuji and all of you can pass through and go to the airport.

“This is what development is all about. Development is not about giving you money. It is all about making the environment conducive for economic activities to thrive.

“There is no way the government can share money to everybody. But it has a duty to make the environment conducive for you to work and find food to eat.

“I’m sure, when this road was going on, most of you were employed and had made some money, and had supported members of your families. I am grateful to God for the grace of life and resources to execute this project.”

Speaking about some decampees from the All Progressives Congress (APC) who declared membership for the Peoples Democratic Party( PDP), Governor Wike said it was time for people to hold politicians accountable for their words.

Governor Wike urged the people to stop expecting politicians who do not have the capacity and commitment to fulfil promises they make or interested in driving development to communities of their supporters.

“Let them tell us what they had done for Rivers state. I hear they want to flag-off railways narrow gauge from here (Rivers state) to Maiduguri. Is that what we need?

“They want to do Bonny Deep Sea Port, for how many years now? Before the drawing will come out, has the government not gone. In their hearts, they know they’ll not do it. They only have this year, next year is political year. Tell them we cannot be deceived any longer.

“I tell you, PDP is a party that Nigerians and Rivers people have seen that have the zeal, and commitment to save Nigerians.
Inaugurating the road project, the former governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido expressed delight that development projects are not only executed in the Port Harcourt alone but in hinterland of Rivers State.

Lamido said leaders like Governor Wike have continued to demonstrate that it is only the PDP that loves the people, will do things to improve their well-being and work for a united Nigeria.

The former Jigawa State governor said the last five years of the APC led government has been characterised by division and insecurity. He described the APC as an assemblage of persons drawn from default ACN, ANPP, and CPC and propelled by hate, moved by anger, envy and malice.

“When APC came on board, they had no programme, they had no plan, the only thing they had was to flush out PDP from the government because we were performing, because we were organised, because we were committed because we are compassionate and very humane.”

He explained that remodelling of the airports, rehabilitation of railway and reform of the power are all PDP initiatives and not that of the APC. According to him: “They can’t think. They have no vision, they have no feeling, they have no compassion, they are there for the power and the power is there tormenting them, because the power was abused.”