Having sex at least once a week reduces risk of early death by half, study claims

afro caribbean woman having sexual pleasure (this picture has been taken with a Hasselblad H3D II 31 megapixels camera)

Having sex at least once a week halves the risk of early death, a study suggests.

Researchers found regular romps are linked to lower odds of dying from cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.

They say a workout between the sheets is equivalent to “moderate-intensity” exercise and has similar health benefits.

Scientists quizzed 15,269 adults with an average age of 39 on their sex lives and tracked them for up to 11 years.

Some 72 per cent engaged in sexual activity at least once a month and 36 per cent at least once a week.

Over the course of the study, 228 died, including 29 with cardiovascular disease and 62 with cancer.

The more sex someone had the lower their risk of dying, the Washington University researchers found.

Those who had sex weekly were 49 per cent less likely to peg out than those who romped once a year or less.

Their odds of dying from cardiovascular disease was 21 per cent lower, from cancer 69 per cent lower and from any other cause 48 per cent down.

Sex releases feel-good chemicals, which boost mental health and promote the activity of “natural killer cells”.

These cells lower the risk of cancer and viral illness, prevent infections of the lungs and improve other conditions, such as asthma.