Four things women are most grateful for

Florence Uwaeme

The world is fast evolving and so is fashion and all that is needed for the enhancement of beauty. Just like every other evolving areas of life, fashion, beauty and lifestyle are not left out on this.

Who remembers those days that women visited beauty saloons spending most hours of their Saturdays in the bid to look better for the working days? When hours and hours are spent while either braiding your hair or fixing a weave-on.

Today, women can boldly beat their chest(or breast as the case may be) and declare that gone are those days.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the few things women are most grateful for in this always evolving world.


You can hardly see a modern day woman who does not own a wig or two. There definitely isn’t enough time these days to waste at a beauty saloon.

Women can now wear different styles of wigs on a daily depending on how many they have to flaunt.

Then there is this freedom you feel after removing them after the day’s work. That, my dear is pure bliss.


Bras are life-savers. Bras are one of the greatest inventions ever made on this planet earth – please don’t argue about this. Although some of us despise wearing them all the time, its relevance can never be overemphasized.

Bras have the ability to make a not-so attractive boobs attractive. Without bras, the Olympus of most women would have fallen a long time ago.


Ever imagined models cat-walking without heels? Oh, the strain their feet would suffer! That doesn’t have to happen because someone thought it wise to invent those beauties.

You sure will agree with me that there are outfits that are better off when styled with a pair of heels.


Make-up is the next best thing after Nigerian jollof rice, trust me. Life without make-up will be extremely boring. Where will all the glitz and glam come from if there isn’t make-up?

Make-up makes the ugliest of persons look beautiful. Make-up is like a transformer. Make-up is a life saver and we are grateful for its invention.