Opinion: Buhari robbing the South to pamper the North – parasitism taken too far.

Yomi Lawal

That Buhari is morbidly and shamelessly ethnocentric is a well known fact. A man who happily directs, supervise and watches the financial rape and physical mass murder of Southerners and non-muslims with glee.

Right from 2015 May, he began publicly and physically taking resources from the South to handout to the North. Ranging from paying Boko haram (both factions), pampering Fulani bandits and even actively preparing to seize lands in the South to handover to killer Fulani herdsmen. He was on international TV talking about 97% vs 5% and even told the world bank to focus money he was borrowing in Nigerias name on the northern region.

Not only that, Buhari has indebted this nation comatose, a debt that was taken using the productivity and resources of the south as collateral whilst he and his band of charlatans wasted and spent it all in the same north. Buhari was so brazen in his heist that even another country -the republic of Niger- became the 38th state included in Nigeria’s budget!

Then COVID-19 came and threw a wrench in his works. Karma ensured the disaster began from inside his diabolic inner circle and took away one of the most sinister beings to illegally hold sway over Nigeria.

Later, Buhari got on the airwaves in a prerecorded message to announce the quarantine of 2 states in the south and the FCT, Abuja. In his typical brazen northcentric shameless attitude, he and his treasury robbers began doling out cash made from the south as palliatives to those in the north, those who weren’t quarantined. Rape at its most brazen, in broad daylight in the market square!

Shall a rapist change his spots? I don’t think so, thus he continued his rape of the south.

Few days ago, videos surfaced of Nigerians in China being chased out of their homes and driven to live on the streets. At least one video showed a consular officer having verbal altercation with some Chinese officials who has siezed the vulnerable Nigerians’ passports, we heard nothing concerning their evacuation back home. Neither Buhari nor his clowns made any move to get these Nigerians back home.

This is similar to his response when Nigerians of southern descent were killed like game on the streets of South Africa. Buhari and his charlatans never went to rescue Nigerians, he in fact went to smile with the president of South Africa. It took a private airline to spend its own money to go evacuate these scared and vulnerable people from that South Africa whilst Buhari busied himself actively mapping out which part of their lands to steal and how much money from the south he would use to build up the Ruga settlement for Fulanis to live in as conquerors.

The worst type of rape is that in which someone known to the victim is the enabler.

Abike Dabiri -as the fan holder- began the usual rhetoric with which she and the other members of the council of charlatans pretend to govern. “We will evacuate Nigerians but not for free” she chirped on the 3rd of April. She said those willing to come home should notify the various Nigerian missions in their domicile, they did.

Barely a week later -on the 7th of April- in continuation of their charade, it was revealed that Nigerians from those countries must test negative for COVID-19 before they will be allowed into their own country.

Then on April 16, Onyeama the foreign affairs minister, (the paddy paddy appointee of the emergency saint Kyari) sold a fib that two airlines had been contacted to evacuate 2000 Nigerians who had indicated the desire to come back home from US, UK and other EU nations. He was learning very well how to lie in old age from Buhari.

Like I said, rapists never change. On the 22nd of April, in continuation of the robbery of south to pay the north, Onyeama with grey hair suddenly remembered that there were “children” in universities in Sudan who must be evacuated back to Nigeria. He and Buhari magically found money to evacuate these northern children for free from Sudan!

Nigerians studying in US, UK and EU are however adults because they are not from the north? They must therefore pay their transport fare and in addition test negative for COVID-19.

Meanwhile as adults via quota system, they must be patient since the “children” studying on scholarship (also from money taken from the south) need the beds required for isolation first. Naturally, these southern “adults” who are self funding must wait till the Sudan returnees are taken care of. Who knows if Shekau also needs evacuating and isolation bed space for the soon would be repentant boko haram members who will then be deradicalized?

This is the same way they doled out tens of billions of your sweat and money to those in the north whilst you struggle in the south. Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop, for how long will you take this nonsense?

Buhari seized rice imported legitimately by southerners, with Hameed Alli (another grey haired liar) giving a senseless reason that it was poisonous. That same poisonous rice was released by Buhari to go feed the north first. Some of you are still paying debt on those rice!

Look, the choice before you should be easier in the coming weeks. When are you going to stop Buhari stealing from southerners to show himself as the 3rd murderous Mahdi in the north? By the time this coronavirus lulls, the next thing will be the continuation of his theft of all you have left in the South! Unfortunately, you would already be weakened.

You can choose to stop him now by insisting Nigerians be treated according to their contribution to the center or keep watching. The choice is yours but the consequences are for your children.

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